Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ohio Secretary of State Tries To Steal Election for Romney

Conventional wisdom says whoever wins Ohio wins the presidency. Naturally, then, there is an Ohio Republican trying to steal the presidency. He's Jon Husted, Secretary of State, and he's a master of deviousness and deception. He has purged, for no apparent reason, thousands of voters from the rolls in Cuyahoga County, a reliably Democratic county. He has invited a group called "True The Vote" to monitor polling places in Ohio. True The Vote is a quasi-fascist organization which tries to intimidate and harass minority voters by demanding IDs, questioning their patriotism, threatening them with prison time for voter fraud, and making it harder for blacks to vote than the Jim Crowe laws in the Old South did. Husted has also bought voting machines from a company run by Mitt Romney's son. No conflict of interest there, of course. And Husted has refused to extend early voting hours, even though Ohio polling places have experienced many glitches with machines and there have been long lines throughout the state. In predominantly Democratic areas of the state, voters have waited up to four hours to vote. Many just gave up and left without voting. Discouraging Democrats from voting is the whole point. By tampering with ballots, harassing minorities, and restricting access to Democratic voters, Husted is doing everything he can to get Romney into the White House. This is our democracy in action.

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