Monday, November 5, 2012

The Election Comes Down To One Man, And He Is At It Again

You may never have heard of John Husted, but he may well decide who your next president will be. You see, John is a small-minded, right-wing zealot who has a great deal of power in this election's decisive state--Ohio. Whoever wins Ohio wins the presidency, or so say the experts. John knows this, and his evil little brain is busy scheming and devising ways for Republicans to steal the White House. John has become full of himself and refuses to listen to the outrage and recrimination of those who want democracy to be implemented. Like Hitler in Berlin, 1933, John feels he has the power to highjack a country through devious, unscrupulous means, and he has neither a social conscience nor one whit of guilt about cheating an entire population. So, again, a whole nation is at the mercy of a narrow-minded egomaniac with great power. As Ohio's Secretary of State, John can make up and implement any sort of crazy, diabolical voting law he wants. And what he wants is Ohio's Democrats to get so discouraged that they will fail to show up on election day. He has tried to suppress Democratic voters in numerous ways. His latest scam was dreamed up over the weekend. He changed the requirements for submitting provisional ballots on election day. Provisional ballots can be submitted by those who get their identity and registration challenged on election day. Overwhelmingly, these voters will be Democrats. And John now requires that these voters fill out long, confusing, complicated application forms before they will be allowed to cast provisional ballots. John's hope is that these voters will simply give up and go home. I've e-mailed John, and I've called his office, (877) 767-6446, to protest. However, I hung up when I was told I needed to address John with the salutation, "Sig Heil."

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