Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Good-Bye, Mitt, And Good Riddance

Today I am as a giddy as a school girl on Christmas Eve. It's not just that a decent, fair-minded moderate won four more years in the White House; it's that I'll never again have to listen to the plastic, shallow, rudderless Plutocrat they call Mitt. As malleable as putty, a political chameleon unlike any other, Romney was a peculiar invention of super PAC money and CEO-driven America. Aiming always to please, Mitt cared not whit about anything except his own advancement and self-enrichment. Like a used-car salesman, he said and did anything to please the customers as long as he could make the sale. And when it comes to politics, all his life Mitt has done what the big money has told him to do. Now he's adrift on his own plush island, political career over, never to be heard from again. I should say good riddance and be done with him, but I can't resist a few parting shots: 1) How about that 47% now, Mittster? Looks like they kicked your ass. 2) Due to yesterday's voting results, the House and Senate now have binders full of women. 3) Now that the Grinch has been banished, it looks like all the little kids can keep watching Big Bird on TV. 4) The auto industry is so profitable now, it is sending a limo for you so you can catch your flight to the Caymans or Switzerland to be reunited with your money. 5) Possible jobs for the unemployed Mitt: --Playing Thurston Howell III in a TV revival of "Gilligan's Island." --Producing an off-Broadway play of his life, "The Bain of Mormon." --Offering tax advice for billionaires. --Selling Attachable Dog Carriers for Car Rooftops. Rim shot. O, Mitt, we hardly knew ye.

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