Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jon Voight: More Than A Bad Actor, He's An Anti-Health Care NutJob

Scanning for my book trailer on YouTube, I stumbled across something called the Mike Huckabee show on FOX News. The guest was actor Jon Voight, and it turns out that he's a red-faced, closed-minded, self-centered neocon. Who knew? All I knew of him was that he mumbled his lines so badly that they were barely audible in "Heat" (1996), was typecast as a neo-fascist Army general in "The Incredible Hulk" (2005), and hammed it up in "Transformers" (2009). Turns out his politics are as offensive as his acting.

First of all, the Huckabee show is like something out of 1950s TV. The audience is all white, they nod their heads on cue, they gasp when the word "socialism" is mentioned. Just the kind of uncognizant, conformist automatons FOX loves. Huckabee has all the charm of your loony uncle who pulls nickels out of his ears at family gatherings and still laments the fact that FDR got us out of the Great Depression. He smiles approvingly when Voight calls Obama names, the kind of racial code words the Arkansas hillbillies love.

But Voight, of course, has his facts wrong. He said Americans don't want health care reform; they like things just they way there are. Sorry, Midnight Cowboy, 46 million Americans without any health care at all would make you eat those words...and hope you choke on them. Of course, Jonny Boy's rich enough to afford health care, so what does it matter to him. And spittle shot from his mouth when he whined that "Obama's playing the god card. He said god wants Obamacare to pass." No, Jon, you're lying, and, like Huckleberry, you're a hypocrite. The Bible says we are our brother's keeper; thus, it is entirely appropriate to make health care reform a moral issue. After all, aren't Christians morally obligated to help their fellow man in need? What's more needed now than health care for those who are sick?