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JFK Conspiracy Fact #21: CIA Jackals were Photographed in Dealey Plaza

Examining the photographs of Dealey Plaza, JFK murder site on November 22, 1963, can be an epistemological exercise. There really are intelligence agents, or their identical twins, there. Among them are Lucein Conein. Conein worked for the CIA in Vietnam in the 1950s and 1960s. He was closely allied with CIA Saigon station chief William Colby. Conein is suspected of playing a part in the CIA overthrow of South Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem on November 1, 1963, exactly three weeks before the assassination of JFK. Conein was photographed standing at the corner of Main and Houston in Dallas as the motorcade passed. He seemed to have a smile or smirk on his face. He was positiviely identified by Colonel Fletcher Prouty, former Pentagon liaison to the CIA.

Conein worked on covert assignments with a man named Ted Shackley, another CIA asset whom some say was also photographed in Dealey Plaza. Shackley operated JM/WAVE, the CIA’s Miami base which came up with plans to overthrow Castro. Operation Mongoose, as it was called, included Edward Lansdale, an Air Force general and CIA Black Operator.

Lansdale was also photographed in Dealey Plaza. A series of pictures taken shortly after the assassination show a group of tramps being led away by two men dressed as Dallas cops. In one of the photos Lansdale walks right by the tramps, who seem to acknowledge him with nods and smiles. The cops, who dressed and carried weapons like no other Dallas police officers, had no reaction to a “civilian” coming between them and their prisoners. Two of the three tramps were later identified as CIA killers Charles Rogers and Charles V. Harrelson. General Victor Krulak, who knew Lansdale very well, positively identified Lansdale as the “civilian” in the tramp photo. Krulak, in a letter to Prouty, wrote, “That is indeed a picture of Ed Lansdale. The haircut, the stoop, the twisted left hand, the large class ring. It’s Lansdale. What in the world was he doing there?” Yes, what was Lansdale, known to be a mastermind of many nefarious CIA plots, doing in vicinity of the assassination of JFK? There seems to be no innocent explanation.

Lansdale was a protégé and friend of Allen Dulles and Charles Cabell, CIA officers who were fired by President Kennedy after the Bay of Pigs in 1961. Read more at
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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

JFK Conspiracy Fact #22: Beware of Those Who Say The Mafia Did It

There are many JFK assassination books on the market which assert that the Mafia did it. Before you waste your money on these books, ask yourself these questions: How did the Mafia get the Secret Service and military intelligence to stand down in Dallas? How did the Mafia intimidate the Dallas doctors? How did the Mafia alter the body between Parkland and Bethesda on November 22? If the Mafia did it, why were CIA Operation Mongoose operatives (Lucien Conein, Ted Shackley, Rip Robertson, David Morales, Gerry Patrick Hemming, Charles Rogers, etc.) photographed all over Dealey Plaza that day? How did the Mafia get Oswald a job in the Texas School Book Depository, and arrange for the motorcade to pass right by that building?

The most preposterous part of the Mafia-did-it theory is that gangsters supposedly were able to send Oswald to Russia as a fake defector and then get him back without the State Department lifting an eyebrow. (Did Santos Trafficante hold a gun to Richard Helms' head?) After Oswald returns home, the Mafia, then, of course, must pass him off to his handlers George DeMohrenschildt and Ruth Paine, who just happen to be CIA. And I guess the Mafia strong armed D.H. Byrd (owner of the Book Depository) into hiring Oswald, and then the Mafia arranges the parade route to pass by Byrd's building. Leading up to the crime, the Mafia had its Oswald double spotted all over Dallas doing suspicious things to frame the real Oswald. Then the day of the crime, it had phony Secret Service men protecting the shooters in Dealey Plaza. (Where did the Mafia come up with those dead-on credentials, coded with color of the day?) Did the Mafia instruct Emory Roberts to order his agents not to move when the shots were fired? Did the Mafia get William Greer to stop the limo on Elm Street for the kill shot? Also, the Mafia directs the Oswald double to shoot Tippit and then proceed to Oak Cliff where he's spotted in a car with license plates traced to a CIA contractor, Carl Amos Mather. (Mather just happens to be best friends with Tippit.) Then the double escapes when the Mafia has him flown out of Dallas on a military transport plane, provided courtesy of the CIA.

Meanwhile, somehow the Mafia steals JFK's corpse aboard Air Force I and pirates the body for wound alteration (performed, I assume, by one of the Mafia's many skilled surgeons/morticians). And, of course, the Mafia is in the autopsy room at Bethesda controlling what Humes, et al, can see, do, and photograph. How did the Mafia's ambulance driver manage to throw off the military guard long enough to make the casket switch in DC?

For the truth of who killed JFK, why they did it, and how they covered it up, read my book The President’s Mortician.

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

JFK Conspiracy Fact #23: Plotters Played a Shell Game With the Coffins

It is beyond dispute that two coffins arrived at Bethesda Hospital on the evening of November 22, 1963, and both were thought to contain the dead body of President Kennedy. “What??” you say. Yes, there were hospital employees who saw the body lifted out of a plain metal shipping casket and unzipped from a “war zone” body bag. Others saw the body removed from the expensive casket in which it was placed when departing Parkland Hospital in Dallas. How can both groups of witnesses be right? You’ll have to read my book to find out ( But I’ll give you few clues here.

Brigadier General Godfrey McHugh, military aide to President Kennedy, always publicly maintained that he never left the dead president's coffin unattended from the time it left Parkland Hospital in Dallas on November 22, 1963, until it arrived at Bethesda Naval Hospital near Washington, DC, that evening. This assertion always made me doubt David Lifton's "body alteration" thesis. Lifton, in 1981, published his book Best Evidence, which asserted that JFK's body had been altered sometime between Dallas and Washington on the day he was murdered, by conspirators who were intent on making it look as if he had been shot from the back instead of the front. This was how, according to Lifton, Lee Harvey Oswald was framed. Lifton had much evidence to support his theory: 1) the wounds as described by the Parkland doctors were not the same wounds described by the Bethesda doctors; in other words, the wounds changed between Dallas and DC; 2) JFK's body arrived in a coffin at Bethesda that was considerably different from the one in which it departed Parkland; 3) James Humes, Bethesda autopsist, stated that " of the head, namely in the top of the skull..." had been performed before the body arrived at Bethesda; the problem was, no such surgery had been performed by the Dallas doctors. Lifton theorizes that someone got access to the body as it lay aboard Air Force One awaiting departure to Washington after the assassination. This required the coffin containing the president's body be unattended for a period of time. All who were aboard the plane, including Jackie Kennedy, admitted that they were not coffin-side for the entire time the plane idled on the runway at Dallas Love Field...except for one General Godfrey McHugh. McHugh never left his dead president's side, or so he said.

A recent book makes McHugh out to be a liar. According to Steven Gillon's The Kennedy Assassination 24 Hours After: LBJ's Pivotal First Day As President, McHugh DID leave the coffin. He furiously roamed around the plane as it sat on the runway at Dallas Love Field, demanding to know what was causing the delay in takeoff. When the pilot told him they were waiting for the judge to arrive aboard Air Force One to swear in LBJ, McHugh confronted Johnson in the plane's bathroom where the new president was babbling nervously about a worldwide plot. "It's a conspiracy. They're going to kill us all," LBJ sputtered. McHugh was shocked by what he saw, but was oblivious to its real significance. LBJ's erratic behavior might have been a ruse to distract the one person who was most loyal to JFK, thus leaving the coffin unattended for conspirators to highjack the body. What did they do with the body? Lifton thinks they either smuggled it aboard Air Force Two where it was flown to Washington surreptitiously for body alteration at Walter Reed Medical Center...or it was simply hidden aboard Air Force One, and then pirated off the plane when it landed at Andrews AFB. From there it was airlifted by helicopter to Walter Reed. Either way, JFK's wounds, according to the sworn statements of attending physicians who treated him at Parkland and performed the autopsy at Bethesda, changed dramatically between Dallas and DC. Of this there is no question.

But I have uncovered evidence that contradicts Lifton’s assertion about where, how, and when the plotters got access to JFK’s body post-mortem. In my new book, The President’s Mortician, I name names and reveal the truth of the cover-up. And it does involve a "shell game" with coffins. In a fiendishly clever covert plot, the conspirators trusted that witnesses would not be able to discern the true meaning of what they saw; thus, innocent explanations were ascribed to sinister happenings. But the plot unravels when you see through the charade.

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Monday, October 28, 2013

JFK Conspiracy Fact #24: JFK’s Wounds Changed In-Between Dallas and Bethesda

Douglas Horne, author of Inside The Assassinations Records Review Board, summed up the JFK murder mystery this way, “This case is about the medical evidence; to solve it one must figure out why two different sets of doctors saw two different sets of wounds just six hours apart.”

Horne is right. To understand how and why JFK’s murder was covered up, one must come to grips with the contradictory testimony of the doctors. At the very core of the matter is this--the president's wounds as described by the Dallas doctors bore little resemblance to the wounds described in the autopsy performed by the Bethesda doctors. At Parkland Hospital the doctors saw evidence of frontal entry wounds which indicated that JFK had been shot from the front. Meaning that Oswald could not have done the shooting because he was supposedly firing from the building behind the President. Meanwhile, six hours later, and a thousand miles to the east, Bethesda autopsy doctors saw rear-entry wounds. How is that possible? Who changed the wounds, when did they do it, how did they do it, and where did they do it?

You must read my book to find out (see link below…shameless plug), but I will tell you this. The alteration of Kennedy’s wounds is the best indication of a plot, because somebody altered those wounds to fit the preconceived lie of Oswald being the lone assassin, i.e., only shots from above and behind and no shots from the front right. In other words, the Rosetta Stone of the conspiracy was that someone had access to the body between the time it left Dallas and the time it arrived in D.C., in order to change the evidence of the real origin of the shots.

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

JFK Conspiracy Fact #25: YouTube videos of interviews with JFK assassination eyewitnesses, circa 1965

While YouTube is a morass of the inane, the improbable, and the irrelevant, sometimes one stumbles upon something that is quite extraordinary, like the vintage, black-and-white interviews conducted by Mark Lane, circa 1965, with JFK assassination eyewitnesses. Lane, if you are unaware, was one of the original Warren Commission critics, and his landmark first book on the subject of the assassination, Rush To Judgement, is considered a classic. Two of the interviews were especially riveting: one with J.C. Price, who witnessed the motorcade and shooting from a unique perspective--on the roof of the Terminal Annex building on the south side of Dealey Plaza, from where he had a clear and panoramic view of the entire plaza; the other was an interview of S.M. Holland, who witnessed the shooting from the triple overpass adjacent to the rail yards and overlooking Elm Street. Both men heard and saw at least one shot come from behind the picket fence atop the grassy knoll on the north side of Elm Street. They also saw smoke waft out from under the trees which camouflaged the shooter. Price saw a man running at breakneck speed away from the fence and behind the School Book Depository Building immediately after the shooting. Holland ran to the parking lot behind the fence and saw fresh footprints and cigarette butts in the area where he suspected an assassin had fired.

Both Price and Holland have deer-in-the-headlight looks as they speak to Lane, almost as if they both realize, "Oh my god, what am I saying? This directly contradicts what the Warren Report claims. By the end of the interviews, both men appear scared and reticent, the full impact of what they have said hitting home.

I don't have a link to provide, but I imagine it would be easy enough to access these videos with a simple key word search. The interviews are short and to-the-point, and it's worthwhile to see these unedited, unaltered, first-hand accounts from eyewitnesses to history just a few months removed from the event.

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JFK Conspiracy Fact #26: There is Blatant Evidence of Military-Industrial-Intelligence Complex Involvement

If the murder of JFK had ever been seriously prosecuted, there would have been plenty of suspects to indict…most of them with connections to what President Eisenhower called “the military-industrial complex.” One of the primary suspects would have been D.H. Byrd, Dallas millionaire/businessman and close friend of LBJ, the man who had the most to gain from Kennedy’s death. Byrd was a right-wing radical who had close associations with other Kennedy haters in Dallas, including H.L. Hunt, Clint Murchison, Sid Richardson, George H.W. Bush, David Atlee Phillips, and Neil Mallon. Byrd, with the help of his great friend, Curtis LeMay (Air Force chief of staff and profound Kennedy hater), formed the Civil Air Patrol. CAP members included Lee Harvey Oswald, James Bath (drug-running buddy of George W. Bush), John Liggett, David Ferrie, and others, all of whom were recruited into the CIA. Byrd also owned Ling-Temco-Vought, which built fighter planes. After LBJ became president and started the Vietnam War, Ling-Temco-Vought got a huge defense contract to build fighter planes for the Air Force. Oh, and did I mention, Byrd also owned the Texas School Book Depository building.

Oswald was steered to the job at the TSBD by his CIA handler, Ruth Paine, the Oswald family landlady. Ruth was married to Michael Paine, engineer at Bell Helicopter of Dallas/Fort Worth, another big Vietnam defense contractor. Michael was descended from American royalty, the Forbes family, on one side...and from the inventor of the Bell helicopter on the other. Bell made a fortune off its Huey helicopters. Michael's boss at Bell was one Walter Dornberger, ex-Nazi V-2 rocket engineer who should have been hanged at Nuremberg for war crimes. He was saved from the hangman's noose by Allen Dulles and the CIA (OSS at the time) in 1946 through Operation Paperclip which evacuated Nazi scientists, doctors, spies, and engineers to the US. It was Dulles who placed Dornberger with Bell, under the auspices of the CIA and the military-industrial complex. Dulles's mistress, Mary Bancroft, was best friends with Michael Paine's mother.

From page 170 of James Douglass’s book JFK And The Unspeakable: "Ruth Hyde Paine, Michael's wife and Marina Oswald's caregiver, was the daughter of William Avery Hyde. From October 1964 to August 1967, Hyde was the AID (Agency For International Development) Regional Insurance Advisor for all of Latin America. Hyde's job description was to provide technical assistance from the US State Department to insurance cooperatives being launched in south and central America. A later AID director, former Ohio governor John Gilligan, admitted that 'AID field offices were infiltrated from top to bottom with CIA people. It was pretty well-known in the agency who they were and what they were up to...The idea was to plant operatives in every kind of activity we had overseas, government, volunteer, religious, every kind.'"

Ruth Hyde Paine was also the younger sister of Sylvia Hyde Hoke...[a declassified] CIA Security File memorandum...noted that Sylvia Hoke was identified as a CIA employee."
The salient point here is that Ruth Paine was CIA and so was her family. We know Allen Dulles was CIA...and here he was with direct connections to the patsy's handler, the defense contractor which reaped billions off LBJ's war, and the commission which whitewashed the assassination. This makes Allen a key operative in the planning and aftermath.

When the CIA/military-industrial complex removed the president, all their greedy, conscienceless, sociopathic defense contractors got rich on the blood of dead soldiers in Vietnam. Just like in Iraq. Halliburton KBR and Blackwater got their billions, and the ruthless warmongers got their bloodlust fix.

The murder of JFK was the seminal moment of the 20th century, for it is when the American war state and its contractors, using the CIA as their executive action arm, took over the country and insured that the presidency would never be open to again to one such as Kennedy--a free-thinking iconoclast, who stood up for us against the dark forces which run America for their own benefit.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

JFK Conspiracy Fact #27: Jury Finds CIA Operatives Culpable in JFK Death

A little publicized and long forgotten trial took place nearly 30 years ago in which a jury found that the CIA, and specifically E. Howard Hunt, had been responsible for the assassination of President Kennedy. Why haven’t you heard of this earth-shattering verdict? You’ll have to read previous blogs in this series for that answer. For now, I’ll give you some of the facts of the case. Mark Lane, attorney and noted JFK author, tried the case for Liberty Lobby which was sued by CIA employee E. Howard Hunt. Lane wrote a book about the case, titled Plausible Denial, and I quote a passage from it here:

From the introduction to Plausible Denial, p. xiii, "It has been clearly evident for years that the American public, and the people of the world, do not believe that Lee Harvey Oswald killed John F. Kennedy...the evidence is on their side. It is the side of the truth...this truth was borne out in a courtroom on February 6, 1985, in the US District Court for the Southern District in Florida, where as lawyer for the defense in the case Hunt vs. Liberty Lobby, [Mark] Lane won a verdict from a jury of our peers that upheld, against a claim of libel, a news story that E. Howard Hunt, a long-time CIA employee, was in Dallas on the day the president was shot. The testimony at that trial gave more credibility to the notion that the CIA was involved in the assassination.

"From the transcript of that trial (Plausible Denial, pp. 295-297): Lane's direct questioning of witness Marita Lorenz:

Q. Did Mr. Hunt pay Mr. Sturgis sums of money for activity related to the transportation of weapons?
A. Yes
Q.Did Mr. Sturgis tell you where you would be going from Miami, Florida, during November of 1963, prior to the time that you traveled with him in the car?
A. Dallas, Texas.
Q. He told you that?
A. Yes.
Q. Did you arrive in Dallas during November of 1963?
A. Yes.
Q. After you arrived in Dallas, did you stay at any accommodations there?
A. Motel.
Q. While you were at the motel, did you meet anyone other than those who were in the party traveling with you from Miami to Dallas?
A. Yes.
Q. Who did you meet?
A. E. Howard Hunt.
Q. Was there anyone else who you saw or met other than Mr. Hunt?
A. Jack Ruby.
Q. Tell me the circumstances regarding your seeing E. Howard Hunt in Dallas in November of 1963.
A. There was a prearranged meeting that E. Howard Hunt deliver us sums of money for the so-called operation that I did not know its nature.
Q. Now, can you tell us in relationship to the day that President Kennedy was killed, when this meeting took place?
A. The day before.
Q. Is it your testimony that Jack Ruby, the man who killed Lee Harvey Oswald is, to the best of your ability to identify him, the person who was in the motel in Dallas with you, E. Howard Hunt, and Frank Sturgis the night before the president was killed?
A. Yes.
Q. Is it your testimony today, that today's testimony is consistent with waht you said before the House Select Committee?
A. That's right.”

From p. 320-22 of Plausible Denial: "Verdict as of February 6, 1985. We, the jury, find for the defendant, Liberty Lobby, and against the plaintiff, E. Howard Hunt."

"...The reporters gathered around [jury foreperson] Leslie Armstrong. What had caused her to vote for the defendant she was asked time and time again. Patiently she explained that at the outset she was, as were all the jurors, absolutely objective. None of them had any fixed opinion about either or the facts surrounding the assassination of President Kennedy." And why had she found against Hunt, she was asked...The evidence was clear, she said. The CIA had killed President Kennedy [and] Hunt had been a part of it..."

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

JFK Conspiracy Fact #28: CIA’s Plausible Deniability Policy Kept The Truth From Surfacing

As we approach the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination, the CIA still has not released thousands of its documents pertaining to the murder. Why is this the case? What possible reason could the CIA have for keeping those documents from the public? There is only one I can imagine—the documents would provide further proof of CIA involvement in the crime.

Hiding the truth has always been the CIA’s modus operandi. It is part of the agency’s policy of plausible deniability…any means that covert operatives can employ to remove themselves from the truth of an operation should be employed. This diabolical principle was clarified beautifully by author James Douglass at a conference commemorating the 46th anniversary of the assassination. I quote from it here:

“We, first of all, need to take the time to
recognize the sources in our history for what
happened in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

"The doctrine of ‘plausible deniability’ in an old
government document provides us with a source
of the assassination of President Kennedy.
The document was issued in 1948, one year after
the CIA was established, 15 years before JFK’s murder.
That document, National Security Council
directive 10/2, on June 18, 1948, “gave the highest
sanction of the [U.S.] government to a broad range of covert
operations” – propaganda, sabotage, economic warfare,
subversion of all kinds – that were seen as
necessary to “win” the Cold War against the
Communists. The government’s condition for those
covert activities by U.S. agencies, coordinated by the
CIA, was that they be “so planned and executed
that…if uncovered the US government can plausibly disclaim any
responsibility for them.

"In the 1950’s, under the leadership of CIA
Director Allen Dulles, the doctrine of “plausible
deniability” became the CIA’s green light to
assassinate national leaders, conduct secret military
operations, and overthrow governments that our
government thought were on the wrong side in the
Cold War. 'Plausible deniability' meant our intelligence
agencies, acting as paramilitary groups, had to lie and
cover their tracks so effectively that there would
be no trace of U.S. government responsibility for
criminal activities on an ever-widening scale.
The man who proposed this secret, subversive process
in 1948, diplomat George Kennan, said later, in light
of its consequences, that it was ‘the greatest mistake
I ever made.’ President Harry Truman, under whom
the CIA was created, and during whose presidency the plausible
deniability doctrine was authorized, had deep
regrets. He said in a statement on December 22, 1963:

‘For some time I have been disturbed by the way the CIA has
been diverted from its original assignment. It has become
an operational and at times a policy-making arm of the
Government. This has led to trouble and may have compounded
our difficulties in several explosive areas. We have grown up
as a nation, respected for our free institutions and
for our ability to maintain a free and open society. There
is something about the way the CIA has been functioning
that is casting a shadow over our historic position and
I feel that we need to correct it.’

Truman later remarked: ‘The CIA was set up by me for
the sole purpose of getting all the available information
to the president. It was not intended to operate as an
international agency engaged in strange

President Truman’s sharp warning about the CIA, and
the fact that warning was published one month to the day
after JFK’s assassination, should have given this country
pause. However, his statement appeared only in an early
edition of The Washington Post, then vanished without
comment from public view.

What George Kennan and Harry Truman realized much too
late was that, in the name of national security, they
had unwittingly allowed an alien force to invade a
democracy. As a result, we now had to deal with a
government agency authorized to carry out a broad range
of criminal activities on an international scale,
theoretically accountable to the president but with
no genuine accountability to anyone. Plausible
deniability became a rationale for the CIA’s
interpretation of what the executive branch’s wishes
might be. But for the Agency’s crimes to
remain plausibly deniable, the less said the better.”

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

JFK Conspiracy Fact #29: Eyewitnesses Give Source of Shots; Contradict Warren Commission

The large majority of eyewitnesses to JFK’s murder said shots came from locations other than the Texas School Book Depository, inside which Lee Harvey Oswald was supposedly firing the kill shots.

Dallas motorcycle cop Bobby Hargis, who was riding just feet from left rear of JFK’s limo, said, “I felt blood hit me in the face and the presidential car stopped immediately after that and stayed stopped about half a second…I ran to the north side of Elm [towards the grassy knoll] to see if I could find where the bullets came from…the fatal bullet struck the President in the right side of the head.”

About an hour after the shooting, eyewitness Jean Hill told Tom Whalen of WBAP-TV in Dallas, “…the shots came directly across the street from us behind that fence [on top of the grassy knoll]…I looked up and saw a man running up the hill.”

Eyewitness Hugh Betzner said, “It looked like the President’s car was stopped…I saw what looked like a firecracker going off in the President’s car…and a man in either the President’s car or another car pulling out what looked like a rifle…also observed what appeared to be a nickel revolver in someone’s hand somewhere in the President’s car…”

Railroad worker Sam Holland said, “I heard what I thought was a firecracker and I looked over toward the arcade and trees and saw a puff of smoke come from behind the arcade and through the trees.”

James Simmons said, “The shots came from the wooden fence and there was a puff of smoke that came from underneath the trees on the embankment.”

Billy Lovelady, standing near the Texas School Book Depository, said, “The shots came from that concrete little deal on that knoll…I did not believe at any time that the shots came from the Texas School Book Depository.”

Emmett Hudson said, “I was on the front step of the sloping area [grassy knoll]…the shots I heard definitely came from behind and above me.”

Victoria Adams and Mrs. Alvin Hopson, employees of the Texas School Book Depository, watched the motorcade from the fourth floor of their building, just two floors below Oswald’s supposed sniper’s nest. Adams told the FBI that the shots came from the grassy knoll, and Mrs. Hopson said, “It did not sound like the shots were coming from my building…they had come from the plaza below.”


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Monday, October 21, 2013

JFK Conspiracy Fact #30: Assassination Witness Felt Bullets Whiz Right Over His Head From Behind The Picket Fence

Below is a word-for-word reprint of an article which appeared in the Dallas Morning News on July 27, 1978:

"Gordon L. Arnold, a former Dallas soldier, said he was stopped by a man wearing a light-colored suit as he was walking behind a fence on top of the grassy knoll minutes before the assassination. Arnold, now an investigator for the Dallas Department of Consumer Affairs, was not called by the Warren Commission and has not been interviewed by the House Assassinations Committee.

Arnold said he was moving toward the railroad bridge over the triple underpass to take movie film of the presidential motorcade when 'this guy just walked towards me and said that I shouldn’t be up there.' Arnold challenged the man’s authority, he said, and the man 'showed me a badge and said he was with the Secret Service and that he didn’t want anybody up there.'

Arnold then retreated to the front of the picket fence high up on the knoll just to the west of the pergola on the north side of Elm Street. As the Presidential Limousine came down Elm towards the triple underpass, Arnold stood on a mound of fresh dirt and started rolling his film. He said he 'felt' the first shot come from behind him, only inches over his left shoulder, he said.

'I had just gotten out of basic training,' Arnold said, 'In my mind live ammunition was being fired. It was being fired over my head and I hit the dirt.'

Arnold, then 22, said the first two shots came from behind the fence, 'close enough for me to fall down on my face.' He stayed there for the duration of the shooting. His fence position, under the shade of a tree, may have locked away his story for 15 years as the Warren Commission and later other assassination researchers scanned photographs and movie footage of Dealey Plaza for witnesses to the shooting.

The first two shots that Arnold heard did not come from the Texas School Book Depository Building because 'you wouldn’t hear a whiz go over the top of your head like that.' He said, 'I say a whiz — you didn’t really hear a whiz of a bullet, you hear just like a shock wave. You feel it . . . You feel something and then a report comes right behind it. It’s just like the end of a muzzle blast.'"

More at:

Sunday, October 20, 2013

JFK Conspiracy Fact #31: French-Corsican Hit Man Was In Dallas on November 22, 1963

According to author Jerome Corsi, a hit man connected with the SDECE, the French equivalent of the CIA, could have been the assassin who fired the shot that killed President Kennedy. In response to a 1976 Freedom of Information Act request, the CIA released documents 632–796 confirming that Jean Souetre, a.k.a. Michel Roux, a.k.a. Michel Mertz--a world-renowned Corsican hit man with a long and successful history as an assassin and with ties to the French Connection drug trade stretching from Southeast Asia to the U.S--was in Dallas on November 22, 1963. He was a gun for hire who sold his skills to intelligence agencies around the world, including the CIA. A memo, dated April 1, 1964, was discovered among the released documents and it reads as follows:

"Jean SOUETRE aka Michel Roux aka Michel Mertz--On March 5, Dr. Papich advised that the French had hit the Legal Attaché in Paris and also the SDECE man had queried the Bureau in New York City concerning subject stating that he had been expelled from the U.S. at Fort Worth or Dallas 48 hours after the assassination. He was in Fort Worth on the morning of 22 November and in Dallas in the afternoon. The French believe that he was expelled to either Mexico or Canada. In January he received mail from a dentist named Alderman living at 5803 Birmingham, Houston, Texas. Subject is believed to be identical with a Captain who is a deserter from the French Army and an activist in the OAS. The French are concerned because of de Gaulle’s planned visit to Mexico. They would like to know the reason for his expulsion from the U.S. and his destination. Bureau files are negative and they are checking in Texas and with the INS [U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service]. They would like a check of our files with indications of what may be passed on to the French. Mr. Papich was given a copy of CSCI-3/776,742 previously furnished the Bureau and CSDB-3/655,207 together with a photograph of Captain SOUETRE."

According to Corsi, Souetre was also attached to the OAS, or Organization de l’Armée Secrétée, a right-wing extremist group opposed to French President Charles de Gaulle that engaged in acts of terrorism and assassination and opposed France’s policy to grant the African nation of Algeria independence from French rule.

The CIA, naturally, never shared this information with the Warren Commission. Even if it had, Allen Dulles, the de facto head of the Commission and a man with direct ties with the accused assassin, would have certainly squelched it.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

JFK Conspiracy Fact #32: Doctors Refute The Warren Commission

As in any murder case, first-day evidence in the JFK assassination is the best evidence. By that I mean, witnesses’ memories are fresh and doctors’ first impressions are the most accurate; Their recollections are untainted by pressure from those sinister agencies—the CIA, Secret Service and FBI—who attempted mightily to get them to change their accounts later, when those accounts contradicted the official lies. For instance, read what Dr. Malcolm Perry had to say about the JFK wounds he saw on November 22, 1963:

From Best Evidence, by David Lifton, pp.61-62: "White House transcript 1327-C makes the debate concerning what Dr. Perry said about the throat wound on November 22 academic. The matter came up three times. Each time, Perry said the throat wound was an entrance."...[Dr. Perry speaking]'There are of the neck and one of the head."
"QUESTION: 'Where was the entrance wound?
'DR. PERRY: 'There was an entrance wound in the neck.
'NEXT QUESTION: "Which way was the bullet coming on the neck wound? At him?
'DR.PERRY: 'It appeared to be coming at him...the wound appeared to be an entrance wound in the front of the throat...'"

From a St. Louis Post-Dispatch story of Dec. 18, 1963, by Richard Dudman, "...the question that suggests itself is: How could the President have been shot in the front, from the back?”

And there is this from another Parkland doctor, Dr. McClelland. He said, “It certainly did look like an entrance wound...we are familiar with wounds, we see them every day--sometimes several a day. This did appear to be an entrance wound."

From Best Evidence, pp. 14-15: "Sixty-four known witnesses indicated that shots originated from forward of the motorcade, from the grassy knoll. This amounted to approximately two-thirds of the ninety witnesses whose accounts appeared in the twenty-six volumes [of the Warren Report]...who expressed an opinion as to the source of the shots."

From JFK And The Unspeakable, by James Douglass, p. 308: "Twenty-one out of twenty-two witnesses at Parkland Hospital--most of them doctors and nurses, trained medical observers--agreed in their earliest statements that JFK's head wound was located in the right rear of his skull, demonstrating a fatal head shot from the front."

Friday, October 18, 2013

JFK Conspiracy Fact #33: CIA/Media Partnership Covered Up The Truth

If the guardian of democracy is a free press, then we have been more vulnerable to totalitarianism than we ever imagined. Open, honest, and critical investigative journalism has not existed in this country since before World War least if you believe the people I've quoted below:

"The business of the journalist is to destroy the truth; to lie outright; to pervert; to vilify; to fawn at the feet of mammon...what folly is the notion of an independent press. We are the tools and vassals of rich men...our talents, our possibilities, and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes."
--John Swinton, New York Times Chief of Staff

"More than 400 American journalists have secretly carried out assignments for the Central Intelligence Agency. Among the executives who lent their cooperation to the Agency were William Paley of CBS, Henry Luce of Time/Life, Arthur Hays Sulzberger of the New York Times, Barry Bingham of the Louisville Courier-Journal, and James Copley of Copley News Service. Other organizations which cooperated with the CIA include ABC, NBC, the Associated Press, United Press International, Reuters, Hearst Newspapers, Scripps-Howard, Newsweek magazine, the Mutual Broadcasting System, the Miami Herald, and the old Saturday Evening Post."
--Carl Bernstein, in 1977 Rolling Stone article

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is a lie."
--William Casey, CIA Director, 1981-87

"Deception is a state of mind and the mind of the State."
--James Angleton, head of CIA Counterintelligence

"I never would have agreed to the formulation of the CIA if I had known it would have become the American Gestapo."
--Harry Truman

"If the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lampposts."
--George H.W. Bush

"I will splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the wind."
--John F. Kennedy

Thursday, October 17, 2013

JFK Conspiracy Fact #34: "Parkland" is a Joke

One of the nicer reviews of Tom Hanks’ fairy-tale movie Parkland reads like this: “Awkward, incoherent and plodding, Parkland doubles back on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy…[the] script is the work of novice director Peter Landesman, an investigator journalist…but amateur filmmaker.”

This raises several disturbing questions: 1) Peter Landesman is an investigative journalist? Calling Landesman an investigative journalist is like calling me the Queen of England, and I am neither stuffy, nor royal nor prissy; 2) Peter Landesman is an investigative journalist?

Landesman needed a special obliviousness to avoid bumping into evidence of conspiracy while documenting a case that reeks of conspiracy. One of the characters in Landesman's film Forrest Sorrels (played by Billy Bob Thornton) told his good friend Orville Nix that he thought shots had come from behind the picket fence on the grassy knoll. This is conveniently excluded from the film, and its significance cannot be overstated. Sorrels was head of the Secret Service's Dallas field office. Orville Nix took a film of the assassination which shows flashes of light (rifle fire) from behind the picket fence at the time of the shooting. Certainly Sorrels scrutinized Nix's film and saw the same thing; somehow, Landesman left this out of his script.

There were reports of Secret Service agents flashing credentials to witnesses and police officers right after the shooting; Sorrels knew of these reports and also knew there were NO Secret Service agents on the ground near Dealey Plaza at the time of the shooting. So just who were these impostors? No word from Landesman.

His film should be called "Parkland Omissions," because of the thousands of facts Landesman overlooks; one is the testimony of Dr. Malcolm Perry who performed a tracheostomy on JFK and stated that the neck wound was one of entrance, indicating shots from the front. Landesman dodges, evades and neglects this and many other facts. He is a circus clown, performing at the whim of Tom Hanks, grandmaster of the Parkland charade.

Another Parkland doctor, Robert McClelland, who is still alive in Dallas, has never changed his story of what he saw that day--a large exit wound on the back of JFK's head. So Peter, if Oswald is shooting from behind, how is the exit wound where Dr. McClelland placed it?

It is a historical fact that all Parkland doctors and nurses saw evidence of frontal bullet entry wounds on JFK. Hanks, Landesman, and all their prevarications and their Orwellian rewrites can never alter this immutable truth.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

JFK Conspiracy Fact #35: Don’t Be Fooled by Disinformation and Propagandists

There are many JFK books on the market, but only a few contain honest, factual information. Two which do not are Gus Russo's "Brothers In Arms" and "Legacy of Secrecy" by Thom Hartmann and Lamar Waldron. They make outlandish claims and impugn unlikely plotters. So much so, that the application of a slight bit of common sense is all one needs to dismiss them. Simply put, the mechanics of the plot could not have been carried out by their supposed conspirators--the Castro brothers (Russo's nonsense) and the Mafia (Waldron and Hartmann are scuffling about with minor leaguers in a big-league game).

Calling Gus Russo an investigative reporter is like awarding the Oscar to porn star John Holmes. Russo would not know the facts if they accosted him, beat him senseless, kidnapped him and held him for ransom. It is utterly laughable that he blames the Castro brothers for orchestrating the plot to kill JFK. I suppose Fidel convinced the covert operatives of Operation Mongoose to pull it off. (Mongoose was the CIA's plot to kill Castro, but, instead of gunning for the Beard, they were all photographed in Dallas on Nov. 21-22, 1963.) And, of course, the Castros arranged to have Secret Service agent Henry Rybka ordered off the death limo as it was leaving Love Field and to have the rest of the agents stand down as the shots were fired in Dealey Plaza. Oh, yes, Fidel somehow managed to alter the wounds of the president between the time the body left Dallas and arrived at Bethesda. And the Castros made sure the body was highjacked from Parkland Hospital before an autopsy (manadated by Texas law) could be performed. But first, of course, they had to arrange, through their emissaries Michael Paine of Bell Helicopter and millionaire oilman and Texas School Book Depository owner D.H. Byrd, to get Oswald that job which overlooked the president's route so that he could be framed for the shooting. And it was clever how the Castros maneuvered Ruby into position at just the right time to kill the patsy. And certainly it was Castro's agents who appointed the Warren Commission to cover up the whole thing. And for the last 45 years, Fidel has somehow convinced the CIA to withhold evidence. My god, the Castros have been busy since 1963, and what power they have wielded. Who says a Third World banana republic can't orchestrate a massive plot that kills the leader of the free world and stifles all investigative arms of the most powerful nation in the world, sworn enemy of communist Cuba. "Legacy of Secrecy" is almost as hilarious. Hartmann and Waldron blame the mob for the whole thing.

If you want a cogent, serious read about the assassination, and a brave, logical exploration of the true motivation behind the killing, read James Douglass's book, JFK And The Unpseakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters. The establishment will try to smear him as a "peace activist" (God knows there's nothing worse than someone who works for peace), but he's got it right. Unlike Russo, Douglass points fingers at the people who GENUINELY had means, motive and opportunity. If you read this blog, you know how I was, and still am, affected by Kennedy's "peace" speech of June 10, 1963. Well, Douglass sees this as the watershed moment in the rift between Kennedy and the military-industrial-intelligence complex. No more wars, no more war profiteering, you say? No more president, they say.

In the alternative, you can just read my book. You’ll discover factual stuff not contained in any other book on the market:

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JFK Conspiracy Fact #36: A Byrd, Some Planes, And…Bill Buckley And George Bush?

From the snarled web of suspicious connections of those involved in the Kennedy assassination have emerged some titillating facts about some very public people…people whom, it turns out, have unsavory intelligence ties. William F. Buckley was one of those people. Bill worked under E. Howard Hunt, covert CIA asset and Watergate mastermind, in the 1950s before using his family's wealth to start up the National Review and a neo-fascist organization called Young Americans for Freedom. Much of the Buckley family's wealth was derived from their oil company, Pantipec Oil. The president of Pantipec Oil was Warren Smith. Two men who worked for Smith at Pantipec were CIA contract agents, George deMohrenschildt and Jack Crichton. DeMohrenschildt, identified as Lee Harvey Oswald's best friend in Dallas by the Warren Commission, was a rabid anti-communist/oil geologist who mentored Oswald in Dallas's right Russian community. Crichton sat on the board of Dorchester Gas with a man named D.H. Byrd. Both Byrd and Crichton were unabashed Kennedy haters. Byrd, owner of the Texas School Book Depository, close friend of Texas oil millionnaires and LBJ, and founder of the Civil Air Patrol, made a fortune off the Vietnam War after JFK's assassination. LBJ started up the Vietnam War for real, and Byrd's Ling-Temco-Vought got a fat defense contract for building fighter jets.

Of all the sinister characters in this web, perhaps the most suspicious is Jack Crichton. Crichton worked for the OSS, the CIA's forerunner, in the 1940s. In the 1950s he started up his own spy unit, the 488th military intelligence detachment, in Dallas. When the CIA first started planning the Bay of Pigs operation in 1960, it came to Crichton and Poppy Bush to spearhead funding for the operation. Crichton and Bush had been partners and close friends for years. In his book, Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, America's Invisible Government, And The Hidden History of The Last Fifty Years, author Russ Baker writes, "In his memoirs former Cuban intelligence official Fabian Escalante asserted important group of Texas businessmen...headed by George H.W. Bush and Jack Crichton...[was contacted] to arrange outside funding for the operation." When the Bay of Pigs invasion failed, the CIA and its supporters were furious with Kennedy.

Furthermore, on November 22, 1963, Crichton sent one of his operatives from the 488th military intelligence unit to "interpret" Marina Oswald's statements for the Dallas Police. Baker writes,"...[the] translations...were far from literal translations of her Russian words and had the effect of implicating her husband [Lee Harvey Oswald] in Kennedy's death."

Monday, October 14, 2013

JFK Conspiracy Fact #37: The Strange Case Of JFK's Personal Physician

In perusing HSCA (House Select Committee on Assassinations) on-line documents recently, I came across this disturbing document filed by George Burkley, JFK’s personal physician. Let me give some background first. The Dallas Parkland doctors, in the early afternoon of Nov. 22, 1963, described two wounds on the president—a wound of entrance on the throat, near the Adam’s apple, and an exit wound, about the size of a fist, on the lower right rear of the president’s head, in the occipital-parietal area.

The Bethesda Naval autopsy doctors, hours later on the evening of Nov. 22, 1963, saw a completely different set of wounds on the president. The throat wound had been enlarged to three times its Dallas size, and appeared to be a wound of exit. There also appeared to be a bullet’s entrance wound on the upper back, near the shoulder blade. The head wound was massive and involved nearly the entire top right portion of the president’s head. THE OCCIPITAL-PARIETAL WOUND WITNESSED BY THE DALLAS DOCTORS HAD DISAPPEARED! That portion of the president’s head appeared to be intact at Bethesda. The only conclusion a reasonable person could draw was that the president’s body had been altered sometime between Dallas and Washington D.C. Thus, also, was the direction of the shots reversed. All evidence of shots from the front was erased. Only evidence of shots from the rear remained. (Was this trajectory reversal at the heart of the plotters' scheme to frame Oswald?)

In 1976 Burkley was contacted by an investigator for the HSCA named Richard Sprague. Through his lawyer, Burkley made a statement to Sprague that “others besides Oswald must have been involved.” Burkley surely became convinced of a conspiracy after seeing the conflicting wound patterns on the corpse on Nov. 22, 1963. Burkley was perhaps the only doctor who saw the body’s condition in both Dallas and Washington. But when Sprague was fired from the HSCA, Burkley’s testimony was never taken. Instead, he submitted the below affidavit:

Reference copy, JFK Collection: HSCA (RG 233) AFFIDAVIT I, VICE ADMIRAL GEORGE G. BURKLEY (M.C.) (Ret.) living in Los Angeles, California, being duly sworn make oath as follows:

I was interviewed in January, 1978 by T. Mark Flanagan, Jr. and Donald A. Purdy, Jr. of the staff of the Select Committee on Assassinations. During the interview I set forth the substance of the information which follows. At this time I reaffirm that this information is accurate and truthful to the best of my knowledge. This statement is made freely, voluntarily, and with out threats, promises, assurance, or remuneration from any source. I was Personal Physician to President John F. Kennedy in November 1963 and accompanied President Kennedy on the Texas trip. I was at Parkland Hospital and later at Bethesda Naval Hospital on the evening of November 22, 1963. I saw President Kennedy's wounds at Parkland Hospital and during the autopsy at the Bethesda Naval Hospital. There was no difference in the nature of the wounds I saw at Parkland Hospital and those I observed at the autopsy at Bethesda Naval Hospital. 1. I was with President Kennedy in Dallas. I arrived at the Parkland Hospital within five minutes of the President's arrival. I checked the Presidents physical condition, gave the doctors working with the President the blood type and some adrenal medication (Sol U Cortef) to place in the intravenous blood and fluids which were being administered. My findings clearly indicated that death was certain and imminent. 2. One of the doctors reported to me vital signs of life no longer could be elicited. I rechecked the vital signs of President Kennedy and there was no sign of life. I reported to Mrs. Kennedy who was nearby in the treatment room that President Kennedy was dead. 3. I remained with the President's body in the treatment room until the body was placed in the coffin and I saw it closed. There was no movement or manipulation of the body other than removal of the intravenous equipment during that time. 4. In Dallas I traveled from the hospital to the Air Force One in the ambulance with the President's body in the casket and also on the plane; the casket was neither opened or disturbed in any way. 5. I had ordered the United States Naval Hospital to be prepared for performing an autopsy on the body of John F. Kennedy, President of the United States, the permission having been granted by Mrs. Kennedy while enroute. It was to be a complete autopsy with no limitations and no curtailment in time necessary for completion. 6. I traveled from Andrew's Air Force Base in the ambulance with the President's body to the Bethesda Naval Hospital and accompanied the coffin to the autopsy laboratory and saw the body removed from the coffin and placed on the autopsy table. 7. I directed the autopsy surgeon to do a complete autopsy and take the time necessary for completion. I supervised the autopsy and directed the fixation and retention of the brain for future study of the course of the bullet or bullets. 8. The autopsy material was retained in a secure area and subsequently turned over by Captain Stover USN to me and a member of the Secret Service. We took this material immediately to the EOB Building where it was placed in a locked file cabinet by the Secret Service. 9. Senator Robert Kennedy, representing Mrs. Kennedy and the Kennedy family, directed that the autopsy material be transferred to the National Archives. This was done on April 26, 1965. See attached letter of transmittal with listing of individual items. The notation under Item #9, one stainless steel container, 7" in diameter x 8", containing gross material, represents the container of the brain. This material was accepted and signed for by Mrs. Evelyn Lincoln and witnessed by three people. Signed copies of these affidavits are attached. I understand that this affidavit may be introduced and received into evidence by the Select Committee on Assassinations of the United States House of Representatives, and may lead them to make various findings of fact, and the statutes applicable to Congressional investigations, including but not limited to those concerning false statements, obstruction, or misleading, would subject me to criminal penalties for not telling the whole and complete truth in this affidavit.

GEORGE G. BURKLEY SIGNATURE Vice Admiral George G. Burkley (M.C.) USN (Ret.) Personal Physician to President John F. Kennedy

Interesting that Dr. Burkley, possibly the only medical person who saw the body in both places (Parkland and Bethesda), signs an affidavit which states that the wounds he saw were unchanged from Parkland to Bethesda. All other medical personnel testimony contradicts his affidavit--the Dallas doctors saw one set of wounds, the Bethesda doctors saw another set of wounds. Therefore, Burkley's statement is at odds with all other known medical testimony concerning JFK's wounds. One then must choose to believe Burkley or all the other doctors (and there were dozens). I tend to discredit Burkley's affidavit, because it is refuted by all other medical descriptions of the two wound patterns. Also, Burkley has no explanation for FBI agents' Sibert and O'Neill testimony that one of the autopsy doctors stated "surgery of the head area had been performed." No such surgery took place in Dallas, so when and where had this surgery been performed? Burkley gives us no clue.

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

JFK Conspiracy Fact #38: American Media's Galling Lack of Curiosity

Below I am reprinting a previous blog as an example of how media passivity and negligence has precluded any real investigative journalism when it comes to the JFK assassination. Former Dallas cop Jim Leavelle, now deceased made a speaking tour of the Midwest last spring and the Topeka Journal reported on it as if Leavelle were the end-all, be-all of JFK assassination experts:

In a stunning display of uncritical journalism yesterday, the Topeka Capital Journal reported that the Dallas cop who was supposed to protect Lee Harvey Oswald gave a speech at Washburn University where he insisted that Oswald acted alone. "Retired Dallas police detective Jim Leavelle told a standing-room-only crowd at Washburn University that Oswald killed Kennedy because he wanted to be famous." This raises many troubling questions: 1) They really have universities in Kansas? 2) Does anyone teach history at these universities? 3) Who would pay 92-year-old Jim Leavelle, who failed at the only important task he ever had in his life, to travel all the way to Kansas to spread his preposterous falsehoods? 4) What sort of real college students/journalists would let him get away with it? Well, as Dorothy said, we're not in Kansas anymore, Jim, and it's time to disspell your lies. According to the Capital Journal, Leavelle believes no shots missed the limousine. He said, "...the first shot struck Kennedy, the second shot struck Texas Gov. John Connally, sitting in front of Kennedy, and the third hit Kennedy." This would certainly be news to bystander James Tague who was struck in the face by a piece of pavement dislodged by a shot that completely missed the limousine. Either there was a second gunman (which means conspiracy) or there were four shots fired by Oswald (physically impossible given the timeframe indicated by the Zapruder film). However, the unthinking Kansans apparently swallowed Leavelle's whopper whole. Leavelle went on to say that "...the president didn't bear any entry wounds to the front of his body." Apparently Jim considers himself an expert on forensic anantomy too. Too bad the Dallas doctors did not agree with him. At a press conference immediately following the assassination, Dr. Malcolm Perry stated three times that the President had been shot from the front. He noted an entry wound at the base of the throat and an exit wound at the back of the head. Truth 2, Jim 0. Leavelle also claimed that "three tramps arrested a few blocks from the Kennedy shooting were just tramps travelling through Dallas." No mention of the fact that two of the tramps were CIA killers Charles Rogers and Charles V. Harrelson. And no mention of the fact that the "policemen" who made the "arrest" let an interloper come between them and their "prisoners." The interloper was positively indentified as Edward Lansdale, Air Force general and CIA officer. Strike three, Jim is out. If it weren't so appalling, Jim's appearance at some backwater school in Kansas would be amusing. But all critical thinkers and all who treasure historical truth cannot sit idly by and let people like Leavelle get away with their outlandish lies. Leavelle is particularly galling because he failed to protect Oswald. He let Ruby walk right up and shoot him. You've all seen the pictures of that murder...Leavelle is the one on Oswald's right, wearing a white suit and a Stetson hat. He merely stares passively as the most important prisoner of the 20th century is gunned down. Now Jim dresses in the same stupid hillbilly hat he wore on Nov. 24, 1963, as a sort of perverse celebrity traveling from hick town to hick town, getting paid for being historically incompetent. The most lamentable part is, had JFK's life not been taken by a sophisticated, diabolical, massive intelligence plot, we would never have to be subjected to rubes like Leavelle pissing on history and profiting from our dead president's demise. Being from Texas, and having been a detective in the Dallas police department (where membership in the John Birch Society or the KKK was a prerequisite for promotion), I'm sure ol' Jim despised President Kennedy.

Sure, the Topeka newspaper is not the New York Times, but the New York Times has spouted identical Oswald-did-it nonsense for years. How did the American media become so willing to regurgitate lies? Maybe the answer can be found in this quote from William Colby, head of the CIA from 1973-76. Colby said, "The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media."


Saturday, October 12, 2013

JFK Conspiracy Fact #39: The Magic Bullet Was A Fraud

Perhaps the best physical evidence to disprove the lone-nut theory of the assassination is Warren Commission Exhibit 399, the so-called "magic bullet." Magic because it supposedly did what no other bullet in history has done. This is the bullet that the Warren Commission claimed struck JFK in the back, exited his neck, made a sharp right turn and then a left turn in mid-air, entered John Connally who was sitting in front of JFK in the death car, broke Connally's rib, fractured his wrist, and landed in his thigh. This bullet was discovered in a pristine state on a stretcher in Parkland Hospital. Among all fairy tales woven by the Warren Commission, the story of the magic bullet is the most laughable. It was born of necessity, because examination of the Zapruder film indicated that Oswald had time for only three shots, and two of them--the one that missed and the one that exploded JFK's head--were already accounted for. This meant that for Oswald alone to have done the shooting, one bullet had to account for all the other wounds on JFK and Connally. And by god, the Commission jammed that square peg into a round hole as hard as it could.

Two things to remember here: 1) The bullet fragments removed from Connally by Parkland doctors exceeded the amount of lead missing from the magic bullet; the Warren Commission knew this but did not let the facts get in the way of a good story. 2) The Warren Commission dismissed Dr. Malcolm Perry's report that JFK's neck wound was caused by a bullet's entrance, not exit. Bullet entry wounds are small, neat and round. That's exactly the type of wound Perry saw when he first tended to the President.

Finally there is this from author Walt Brown in his book Treachery In Dallas: "...CE 399, a jacketed military bullet, did massive damage to two individuals and emerged pristine...yet a second bullet from the same gun [supposedly] came apart into dozens of dustlike fragments in the president's skull. How?"

Friday, October 11, 2013

JFK Conspiracy Fact #40: Cops Apprehended One Of JFK's Killers And Let Him Go

There were many suspicious characters in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. One of them was Jim Braden, aka Eugene Hale Brading. Braden's presence in the Dal-Tex building, directly across the street from the Texas School Book Depository, aroused enough suspicion that police took him in for questioning, but he was released shortly afterwards. The Dallas cops either had no idea who Braden was, or someone higher up pulled the plug on the arrest.

Braden, a career criminal and suspected murderer with Mafia ties, was on parole at the time. He told his parole officer that he had traveled to Dallas for a business meeting at the Hunt Oil corporate offices. He visited H.L. Hunt, an avowed right-wing Kennedy hater, on the day before the assassination, as did Jack Ruby.

Some witnesses to the assassination said they heard shots come from the Dal-Tex building where Braden admitted he was at the time of the shooting. The Dal-Tex building housed the offices of Dallas Uranium and Oil, believed to be a front for H.L. Hunt's oil company. The offices of Dallas Uranium and Oil provided a great sightline into Dealey Plaza for any would-be assassin.

In his book The Man Who Knew Too Much author Dick Russell writes that the "...Hunt oil family was either involved in the JFK conspiracy and cover-up, or mortally afraid that someone would try to connect them to it...the family's alleged purchase of the first copy of the Zapruder film; the dispatching of their chief assistant to the jail to check out security around Oswald; and the visit of Marina Oswald to the Hunt offices soon after the assassination raise grave questions."

Read more at:

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JFK Conspracy Fact #41: More Evidence That The Secret Service Was In On It

William Greer, the Secret Service agent who drove the presidential limousine in the Dallas motorcade, actually brought the car to a complete stop so that the kill shot could be delivered. At the same time he raised his left hand and pointed it at the President as if he were aiming something at him. The Zapruder film shows no gun in Greer's hand, but several witnesses in Dealey Plaza saw a gun in his hand. Standing near the limousine at the time of the shooting, eyewitness Hugh Betzner said he "...observed what appeared to be a nickel-plated revolver in someone's hand in the President's car." Years later when Greer’s son was asked how his dad felt about President Kennedy, he paused and stammered, “Well, the Kennedys were Irish Catholic, and our family is descended from Irish Protestants.” Meaning that Greer bore some animosity towards the President.

There is other evidence to support the fact that Secret Service agents pulled out their firearms and/or fired a gun that day in Dealey Plaza. An early report was delivered on-air by Chet Huntley of NBC News just a short while after the shooting. He said, “Secret Service agents drew their weapons, but the damage had already been done.” Also, one of the nurses who met the death car as it pulled into Parkland Hospital’s emergency area reported that she could smell gun powder in the limo itself.

Regardless of whether or not a Secret Service agent fired at the President, there is an abundance of evidence to indicate that the agents on duty in Dallas were negligent, if not criminal, in their conduct. Rebecca Lopez wrote this on "On the night before President John F. Kennedy was killed, 10 members of his Secret Service detail were partying at a Fort Worth club called The Cellar...these agents that were out until five in the morning, that were supposed to be guarding the president's suite, bragged to the owner of The Cellar, Pat Kirkwood, that they were out having a few cocktails while they got the Fort Worth Fire Department guarding the presidential suite...the agents left their post at the Texas Hotel to party with waitresses at The Cellar, who served drinks wearing only their underwear."

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

JFK Conspiracy Fact #42: Proof Of Secret Service Complicity Came From One Of Its Own

One of the most egregious myths that persists in the American ethos is that the Secret Service was and is a highly trained, highly educated, professional, and absolutely loyal organization. This was not so in the early 1960s. Witness this quote from one of its own, Abraham Bolden. Bolden, the first African-American Secret Service agent assigned to the presidential detail, wrote a book about JFK's murder called The Echo From Dealey Plaza: "The Secret Service reflected the more backward elements of America. Many of the agents with whom I worked were products of the South. Time and again I overheard them making chilling racist remarks, referring to Kennedy as 'that nigger lover,' whose efforts to force integration in the South were 'screwing up the country.' I heard some members of the White House detail say that if shots were fired at the President, they'd take no action to protect him. A few agents vowed that they would quit the Secret Service rather than give up their lives for Kennedy."

Who were these agents? Likely suspects include Roy Kellerman, William Greer, Emory Roberts, and Elmer Moore.

Greer, the driver of JFK's death car in Dallas, put on the brakes and came to a complete stop as shots were being fired in Dealey Plaza. Roy Kellerman, riding shotgun in the death limo, lifted not one finger to try to save the President's life, even though it was his sworn duty to do so. He just sat there looking at the side view mirror to make sure JFK had been fatally hit.

Emory Roberts stripped JFK's protection when he ordered agents off the running board as the limo left Love Field. Films of that day show an agent, most likely Henry Rybka, raising his arms in confusion and frustration as he is ordered away from the limo. Roberts also told all agents to stand down as the shooting began.

Elmer Moore badgered Parkland doctor Malcolm Perry to change his words about the nature of JFK's wounds. Perry said he saw a frontal entry wound in the neck and an exit wound at the back of the head, consistent with shots from the front. This, of course, contradicted the government's finding that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.

Bolden had a foreboding that JFK would meet the end he did. "The inept protection provided by the White House detail," wrote Bolden, "contributed to my growing certainty that Kennedy's days were numbered."

After November 22, 1963, Bolden saw " suspicious action after another on the part of the Secret Service personnel, all of which hinted at an effort to withhold, or at least to color, the truth."

Not surprisingly, the Warren Commission did not call Bolden to testify.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

JFK Conspiracy Fact #43: JFK Was At War With His Generals And His National Security Advisors

While the Cold War was at its peak, most Americans were unaware of the internal war taking place at the highest levels of the U.S. government. It began in the summer of 1961 when JFK's own military hierarchy and intelligence advisors pressured him to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike against the Soviet Union. According to author David Talbott, at a July 1961 National Security Council meeting Kennedy was presented with a plan for "...a surprise nuclear attack by the Joint Chiefs Chairman, Lyman Lemnitzer, and by Allen Dulles, CIA Director. Kennedy, disgusted, got up and left in the middle of the meeting, and then remarked to his Secretary of State Dean Rusk, '...and we call ourselves the human race.'"

For his part, Air Force Chief of Staff Curtis LeMay publicly escalated the war with his Commander-in-Chief by declaring to a news reporter that "...nuclear war is inevitable. I expect to exchange nuclear blows with the Russians by the end of the year."

Kennedy resisted. Amidst all the dangerous warmongering of his military and national security advisors, he bravely stood alone. He knew that a nuclear first strike would not knock out Russia's nuclear capabilities, and Russian leader Nikita Kruschev would be forced by Kremlin hawks to retaliate. From there, nuclear escalation and global annihilation would have ensued. JFK realized that the only way to avoid all-out nuclear war was to not start a nuclear war. To this end, he fulfilled what he considered the primary responsibility of any American president: keep the country out of war if at all possible. He considered the nuclear hawks in his own cabinet madmen. The Joint Chiefs and the CIA knew Russian nuclear retaliation could wipe out half the U.S., yet they kept pressuring JFK for war.

Kennedy finally fired CIA sacred cows--Allen Dulles, Dick Bissell and Charles Cabell--in late 1961. This only made Lemay and Lemnitzer scream louder for war, even though as Lemay readily admitted, "...nuclear attacks would probably incinerate New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington and Detroit." The generals targeted Cuba during the 1962 Cuban missile crisis, but JFK thwarted them again. He dodged a nuclear catastrophe by choosing the "safe" resolution of a quarantine against Soviet ships carrying warheads to Cuba. It worked, but the right-wing hawks in the U.S. government were not happy with the popular, peace-loving president. The Pentagon and the CIA began calling JFK a traitor and Communist-appeaser behind his back. There was only one option left for them.

Journalist Richard Starnes hinted at this option in an incredible article published in October 1963. Starnes quoted a high-ranking U.S. official as saying, "The CIA is a malignancy, guilty of insubordination, and the White House cannot control it any longer. If the U.S. ever experiences a coup d'état it will come from the CIA."

A month later JFK was dead. It is a historical fact that his own military and intelligence advisors had the motive, means and opportunity to overthrow him.

Monday, October 7, 2013

JFK Conspiracy Fact #44: 9/11 Profiteers Linked To JFK Murder

In the days leading up to 9/11 there was suspicious trading activity taking place in American stock markets. Unusually high numbers of put options were purchased on the two airlines--American and United--whose jets were highjacked by the terrorists. A put option is a bet that a stock's value will fall in the near future. It is a very risky bet, and one that is normally not made in any significant volumes. But apparently someone had foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks because 1,535 put options were purchased on American Airlines on Sept. 10, 2001, 64 times more put options than were normally purchased on an average day. A similar anomaly occurred with United Airlines stock just before 9/11.

Likewise, purchases of stocks which provided security for airlines and airports rose dramatically before 9/11. One such purchase of 56,000 shares of a company called Stratosec was made by Wirt Walker III, a cousin of then sitting president George W. Bush. Stratosec was one of the companies that provided security at the World Trade Center and Dulles Airport. Highjacked American Airlines Flight 77 took off from Dulles Airport. Stratosec also provided security for United Airlines which owned two highjacked planes. After 9/11 Stratosec's share price doubled, and pre-9/11 investors made a small fortune.

Instead of investigating the suspicious trading, the SEC and the FBI quietly dropped the sensitive matter. The head of the FBI at the time was Robert Mueller III. He had been appointed FBI Director by President Bush just four days prior to 9/11. And, oh by the way, Mueller is the nephew of Richard Bissell, Deputy Director of the CIA under JFK. Mueller's wife is the granddaughter of Charles Cabell, also ex-CIA under JFK. After the Bay of Pigs fiasco in 1961, JFK fired Bissell, Cabell and Allen Dulles. The Bush family had close business and personal ties to all these men. George W. Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush, swore he would never forgive JFK for firing Dulles. Bissell, Dulles, and Cabell had direct links to many of the suspects in the conspiracy to assassinate JFK. Read more at

Sunday, October 6, 2013

JFK Conspiracy Fact #45: Phony Secret Service Agents Were Encountered At The Scene Of The Assassination

Seymour Weitzman, a Dallas cop who witnessed the murder of President Kennedy, ran into the parking lot behind the picket fence on the grassy knoll in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. He ran there because he'd heard shots coming from that direction. When he got to the parking lot Weitzman ran into a man who flashed Secret Service credentials and told him the situation was under control. The credentials looked genuine, so Weitzman moved on. Later, however, the Secret Service had to admit that none of its agents were on the ground in Dealey Plaza that day. It became apparent that the Secret Service agent was a phony, and Weitzman was pressured by the Warren Commission and FBI to change his story. Weitzman never did. What's more, he positively identified Bernard Barker as the man who was pretending to be a Secret Service agent. Barker was a covert CIA operative who was convicted as one of the Watergate burglars in 1972. When Weitzman refused to change his story, he was institutionalized after having a "nervous breakdown." But when interviewed by author A.J. Weberman for his book Coup d'état in America, Weitzman was quite lucid and definitive in his ID of Barker.

Dallas police officer J.M. Smith also ran to the parking lot after the shooting and encountered a phony Secret Service agent. Smith said told the Warren Commission, "It didn't ring true. He looked like an auto mechanic. He had on a sports shirt, but he had dirty fingernails. I should have checked the man closer, but he had produced correct identification."

Defending his men, Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry said, "I think he [the Secret Service agent] must have been bogus--certainly the suspicion would point to the man as being involved in the shooting since he was in an area immediately adjacent to where the shots were--and his Secret Service badge made him all the more suspicious."

What were phony Secret Service agents doing in Dealey Plaza? Read more at

Saturday, October 5, 2013

JFK Conspiracy Fact #46: George H.W. Bush Has A Lot To Answer For

One of the suspects in any honest investigation of JFK's murder should be George H.W. Bush. Bush had many tangential and direct ties to the events in Dallas on November 22, 1963. Most suspiciously, Bush and accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald had a common friend--George DeMohrenschildt. DeMohrenschildt, a covert CIA agent and an international oil geologist, was Lee Harvey Oswald's "mentor" in Dallas. He introduced Oswald to the White Russian community in Dallas, including Ruth Paine who secured Oswald a job in the Texas School Book Depository.

DeMohrenschildt was also well acquainted with the Bush family. DeMohrenschildt's nephew, Eddie Hooker, had been George H.W. Bush's prep school roommate at Phillips Academy in Massachusetts. DeMohrenschildt and Hooker went into the oil business in West Texas in the 1950s, the same time that Bush was working there as a Dresser Industries employee.

After JFK's murder, Bush, for obvious reasons, claims to have barely known DeMohrenschildt, but DeMohrenschildt did not reciprocate these feelings. When he was being hounded about his associations with Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas, DeMohrenschildt wrote a letter to his old pal Bush, who just happened to be head of the CIA at the time. The letter reeks of desperation. DeMohrenschildt claimed his phones were bugged and he was being followed by "vigilantes." "Either the FBI is involved in this or they do not want to accept my complaints; I tried to write stupidly and unsuccessfully about Lee Harvey Oswald," writes DeMohrenschildt. At the time, he knew he was in trouble because he was threatening to expose what he knew about JFK's assassination.

Just a few months later DeMohrenschildt was found shot to death on the very day he was scheduled to be interviewed by the House Select Committee on Assassinations in 1977. The death was ruled a "suicide by shotgun blast." Found in DeMohrenschildt's belongings was the address and phone number of "Bush, George H.W., 1412 W. Ohio also Zapata Petroleum, Midland, Texas." I guess Bush answered DeMohrenschildt's letter after all.

Friday, October 4, 2013

JFK Conspiracy Fact #47: War Contactors Benefitted From JFK's Death

The list of JFK historians who cling to the myth that he would have escalated the Vietnam War, just like his successor did, has dwindled to an uninformed few. Even most establishment historians now admit that JFK intended to pull out of Vietnam altogether in 1964, as evidenced by his National Security Action Memo 263 which he signed just weeks before his death. NSAM 263 called for the removal of any and all American military presence in southeast Asia during his second term.

Once this fact is absorbed and accepted, any serious historian must then ask how and why did JFK's own VP escalate the Vietnam War so dramatically and quickly? For the answer one must examine who wanted Kennedy dead and how did these people benefit from his death? Long-time Kennedy hater, D. H. Byrd, Dallas oil millionaire and LBJ associate, was one of those who reaped a windfall from the swift foreign policy reversal. His Ling-Temco-Vought corporation was awarded a large defense contract as Vietnam ramped up.

Bell Helicopter, a company with covert CIA connections, got the government contract to make Huey helicopters. According to General Fletcher Prouty, ex-CIA liaison to the Pentagon, Textron, a CIA proprietary, "...did acquire the Bell Helicopter Company and the CIA did step up use of helicopters in southeast Asia, to the point where
orders for Bell Helicopters for use in Vietnam exceeded $600-million. Anyone wanting to know more about how the U.S. got so heavily ($200-billion and the loss of 58,000 American lives) involved in Indochina need look no further. This was the pattern and the plan."

Bell was replete with employees who had overt CIA ties in high security clearance jobs. One employee was Walter Dornberger, an ex-Nazi who was recruited into US intelligence by Allen Dulles. The same Allen Dulles who was fired as CIA director by Kennedy in 1961. Another Bell employee was Michael Paine, husband of Ruth Paine. The same Ruth Paine who got Lee Harvey Oswald his job in the Texas School Book Depository.

Brown & Root/Halliburton, whose officers hated JFK and his policies, also got massively rich off Vietnam. George Brown of Brown & Root contributed heavily to LBJ's political coffers. And just hours after the assassination, LBJ was overheard telling an aide that he had to sell off his Halliburton stock.

Given this evidence, one must conclude that JFK's murder and the escalation of the Vietnam War were not unrelated events.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

JFK Conspiracy Fact #48: LBJ's Benefactor Provided First And Last Places Of Employment For Oswald

Of the many things overlooked by establishment "historians" in the JFK assassination is the suspicious connections of one David Harold Byrd. Dallas oil millionaire and right-wing fanatic, Byrd helped finance Lyndon Johnson's political career. The two men were close and were often seen together socializing. Like other infamous Dallas oil barons H.L. Hunt and Clint Murchison, Byrd hated JFK. These oilmen were hellbent on getting LBJ into the White House, and Hunt admitted that the only way to remove Kennedy was to "shoot him out of office." Byrd helped facilitate this.

At the time of the assassination Byrd owned the Texas School Book Depository building where Lee Harvey Oswald was employed. Byrd also founded the Louisiana Civil Air Patrol, of which Oswald was a member in the 1950s. Astoundingly then, Byrd provided two jobs for Oswald in two different cities a decade apart.

Think about that for a moment. A Dallas oil millionaire who hated JFK, and who was a close associate of the man who replaced JFK, provided employment for JFK's accused assassin in two different properties/entities--the LCAP in the 1950s and then the TSBD in the 1960s. Try coming up with an innocent explanation for that.

The truth is, the LCAP was a CIA front. Oswald was recruited into low-level intelligence work by his LCAP captain, David Ferrie. In the autumn of 1963 Oswald was chosen to be the fall guy in the murder of the century, and thus needed a job along the JFK parade route. D.H. Byrd was happy to oblige.

Byrd was also a close friend of Air Force Chief of Staff Curtis LeMay, another avowed Kennedy hater. With all these suspicious connections, Byrd should have been a person of interest in the murder of the century. But the fix was in. His old pal Lyndon formed the Warren Commission to cover up the crime, not investigate it.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

JFK Conspiracy Fact#49: De Facto Head Of Warren Commission Had Direct Ties To Accused Assassin

Imagine for a moment that a murder investigator is well acquainted with the suspect. Now throw in the fact that it is not just any murder, but the murder of the century. And the suspect is no ordinary suspect; he is Lee Harvey Oswald. Shouldn't the investigator recuse himself? That would be the appropriate course of action, but that's not what Allen Dulles did. Dulles, head of the CIA until 1961 when JFK fired him and the de facto head of the Warren Commission (How does one get a job investigating the murder of the man who fired him? Shouldn't he be on the suspect list?), was indisputably, secretly and closely acquainted with Ruth Paine. In the fall of 1963 Ruth Paine housed the Oswald family, including Lee on weekends. Dulles's long-time mistress, Mary Bancroft, was best friends with Paine's mother-in-law. In fact, the Paine and Dulles family trees can be traced back to eastern establishment/robber baron money, and both families had deep CIA ties.

The night before the assassination, Lee Harvey Oswald stayed with Marina and the kids at Paine's home in Irving, a Dallas suburb; this was a disruption in Lee's normal routine of staying at his boarding house in Dallas on weeknights and with Paine on weekends. This gave Ruth the chance to frame Oswald by testifying to his demeanor and mood on the night before he supposedly killed the president. She also claimed that the rifle Lee kept in her garage was missing on November 22, 1963, implying it was the rifle Lee took with him to work that day at the Book Depository.

Conveniently, Ruth was separated from her husband Michael at the time. It gave her and the Oswalds distance from Michael's firm--Bell Helicopter--which employed many CIA operatives. One of those operatives was Walter Dornberger, an ex-Nazi who worked on the V-2 rocket in Germany during World War II. Dornberger should have been tried and hanged as a war criminal; instead after the war ended he was recruited into U.S. intelligence service by, you guessed it, Allen Dulles. Dulles's Operation Paperclip rescued many Nazi war criminals and gave them jobs in our aerospace, military, propaganda, drug research and intelligence spheres. All the dirty things the CIA was doing post-WW II.

Oh what tangled webs Dulles wove.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

50 Pieces of Evidence To Prove Conspiracy in JFK Murder; JFK Conspiracy Fact #50: 3 Future Presidents Were In Dallas That Day, And Another Served On The Warren Commission

A half-century of official lies is long enough, don't you think? In the 50 days leading up to the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination, I will present 50 pieces of evidence to prove conspiracy. Today, JFK Fact #50: Three future presidents--LBJ, Nixon and Bush--were in Dallas on November 22, 1963, and one future president--Ford--served on the commission that covered up the crime. Mere coincidence or happenstance, you say? Think again. They all served their purpose and played a role, wittingly or unwittingly, in the tragedy that unfolded. LBJ was adamant that JFK visit Dallas, and LBJ's right-hand man, John Connally, made sure the motorcade traveled where LBJ wanted it to go. Richard Nixon tried to goad JFK into eliminating vital security. And he reminded LBJ that JFK was going to ruin his political career in 1964. Jerry Ford squelched evidence, misdirected witnesses, and helped frame Oswald while he served on the Warren Commission. What was George H. W. Bush's role? You can read more about that in The President's Mortician,

Altogether, LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Bush and/or their offspring, occupied the White House for 25 of the next 45 years. Kennedy's death marked the end of real democracy in America. What followed was a new form of government--of the rich, by the wealthy, and for the few...whose rulers were chosen by a secret oligarchy.