Thursday, October 17, 2013

JFK Conspiracy Fact #34: "Parkland" is a Joke

One of the nicer reviews of Tom Hanks’ fairy-tale movie Parkland reads like this: “Awkward, incoherent and plodding, Parkland doubles back on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy…[the] script is the work of novice director Peter Landesman, an investigator journalist…but amateur filmmaker.”

This raises several disturbing questions: 1) Peter Landesman is an investigative journalist? Calling Landesman an investigative journalist is like calling me the Queen of England, and I am neither stuffy, nor royal nor prissy; 2) Peter Landesman is an investigative journalist?

Landesman needed a special obliviousness to avoid bumping into evidence of conspiracy while documenting a case that reeks of conspiracy. One of the characters in Landesman's film Forrest Sorrels (played by Billy Bob Thornton) told his good friend Orville Nix that he thought shots had come from behind the picket fence on the grassy knoll. This is conveniently excluded from the film, and its significance cannot be overstated. Sorrels was head of the Secret Service's Dallas field office. Orville Nix took a film of the assassination which shows flashes of light (rifle fire) from behind the picket fence at the time of the shooting. Certainly Sorrels scrutinized Nix's film and saw the same thing; somehow, Landesman left this out of his script.

There were reports of Secret Service agents flashing credentials to witnesses and police officers right after the shooting; Sorrels knew of these reports and also knew there were NO Secret Service agents on the ground near Dealey Plaza at the time of the shooting. So just who were these impostors? No word from Landesman.

His film should be called "Parkland Omissions," because of the thousands of facts Landesman overlooks; one is the testimony of Dr. Malcolm Perry who performed a tracheostomy on JFK and stated that the neck wound was one of entrance, indicating shots from the front. Landesman dodges, evades and neglects this and many other facts. He is a circus clown, performing at the whim of Tom Hanks, grandmaster of the Parkland charade.

Another Parkland doctor, Robert McClelland, who is still alive in Dallas, has never changed his story of what he saw that day--a large exit wound on the back of JFK's head. So Peter, if Oswald is shooting from behind, how is the exit wound where Dr. McClelland placed it?

It is a historical fact that all Parkland doctors and nurses saw evidence of frontal bullet entry wounds on JFK. Hanks, Landesman, and all their prevarications and their Orwellian rewrites can never alter this immutable truth.

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Brad Byers said...

You think just like a conspiracist - So and so "said they thought" "they heard he was connected" So the Editor or Publisher of Life Magazine, with a huge circulation and prestige in '63 knew someone in the CIA... No shit? What are the odds of that? Maybe a 60% possibility in the real world? This film was exactly how it happened happened that day. No speculation, no conjecture, no what ifs, no "unless maybe". The film did not do well because 80% of the public have been duped into one of the biggest hoaxes of the last 100 years...Have you read any of the books by Vincent Bugliosi or Gerald Posner? Bugliosi wrote a 1612 page book on this subject with over 10,000 citations how Oswald was the lone shooter. Now really, let's think about this - who's the sheep? The 80% conspiracy believers or those that understand empirical evidence from a simple murder investigation with means, motive, and opportunity.

Tim Fleming said...

Ah...a coincidence theorist. My favorite sort of dupe. Like your heroes Posner and Bugliosi, you must overlook a mountain of evidence which indicates conspiracy to arrive at your naïve, head-in-the-sand conclusion. From p. 262 of Posner's excremental "Case Closed": Oswald had little time for planning, perhaps not much more than 24 hours." Then who was the guy see practice-firing "at that SOB Kennedy" at rifle ranges in Dallas weeks before the assassination. Are you telling me that Oswald was psychic...or was it just an incredible coincidence that the motorcade carrying his target just happened to pass below Oswald's place of employment? Bugliosi won't even admit that DeMohrenschildt was CIA. Neither of them mention D.H. Byrd, Bobby Baker, Billie Sol Estes, Edward Lansdale, David Mantik, Victor Krulek, Curtis Lemay, Robert Knudsen, and countless other important players. What Bethesda technicians Paul O'Connor and Jerrol Custer saw (JFK's body removed from a cheap shipping casket and not the coffin he supposedly left Parkland in) is consigned to a footnote in Posner. And no, I didn't say that publishers and reporters knew CIA contacts; I said they worked for the CIA. See Carl Bernstein's expose of CIA infiltration of the media (Rolling Stone mag., 1977).