Wednesday, October 2, 2013

JFK Conspiracy Fact#49: De Facto Head Of Warren Commission Had Direct Ties To Accused Assassin

Imagine for a moment that a murder investigator is well acquainted with the suspect. Now throw in the fact that it is not just any murder, but the murder of the century. And the suspect is no ordinary suspect; he is Lee Harvey Oswald. Shouldn't the investigator recuse himself? That would be the appropriate course of action, but that's not what Allen Dulles did. Dulles, head of the CIA until 1961 when JFK fired him and the de facto head of the Warren Commission (How does one get a job investigating the murder of the man who fired him? Shouldn't he be on the suspect list?), was indisputably, secretly and closely acquainted with Ruth Paine. In the fall of 1963 Ruth Paine housed the Oswald family, including Lee on weekends. Dulles's long-time mistress, Mary Bancroft, was best friends with Paine's mother-in-law. In fact, the Paine and Dulles family trees can be traced back to eastern establishment/robber baron money, and both families had deep CIA ties.

The night before the assassination, Lee Harvey Oswald stayed with Marina and the kids at Paine's home in Irving, a Dallas suburb; this was a disruption in Lee's normal routine of staying at his boarding house in Dallas on weeknights and with Paine on weekends. This gave Ruth the chance to frame Oswald by testifying to his demeanor and mood on the night before he supposedly killed the president. She also claimed that the rifle Lee kept in her garage was missing on November 22, 1963, implying it was the rifle Lee took with him to work that day at the Book Depository.

Conveniently, Ruth was separated from her husband Michael at the time. It gave her and the Oswalds distance from Michael's firm--Bell Helicopter--which employed many CIA operatives. One of those operatives was Walter Dornberger, an ex-Nazi who worked on the V-2 rocket in Germany during World War II. Dornberger should have been tried and hanged as a war criminal; instead after the war ended he was recruited into U.S. intelligence service by, you guessed it, Allen Dulles. Dulles's Operation Paperclip rescued many Nazi war criminals and gave them jobs in our aerospace, military, propaganda, drug research and intelligence spheres. All the dirty things the CIA was doing post-WW II.

Oh what tangled webs Dulles wove.

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