Sunday, November 25, 2012

Over The Cliff And Through The Woods To Grover's House We Go

Just as one evil Republican, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, tried to steal the recent election, another evil Republican--someone named Grover Norquist--is trying to ruin any chance of returning fiscal sanity to the U.S. Who is Grover Norquist? Just a tubby lackey for super-rich conservatives. He is not an elected official; he does not hold any office. He is simply the guy who forces all real office holders (at least Republicans) to pledge to never raise taxes. He came to prominence with the Bushies, and he continues to hold the country hostage. One thing we need to reduce the deficit is tax reform (read: tax the living hell out of millionaires and billionaires). But Grover Norquist is holding that stupid pledge over the heads of House Republicans. If they vote to raise taxes on the rich, Grover promises to bring hellfire and damnation down on their heads (read: no more campaign money from rich right-wing donors). Ironically, if Grover succeeds, he will precipitate his own demise. Like all Republicans, he is blissfully unaware of his own obsolescence. If taxes aren't raised as part of some Obama/House deal, then we are going over the fiscal cliff...which means the Bush tax cuts will expire, and we will all be paying higher taxes. To that I say, "Bring it." I'm willing to pay my fair share as long as the top 2% are paying theirs. And as a bonus, Grover will be an endangered species, just like the other muppet that Republicans hate--Big Bird.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Rasmussen, Rove, and Morris: Bitches of Fox & GOP

As far as anyone can tell, the GOP has not conceded the election. Mitt Romney, instead of fading slowly in the sunset as he should, is whining about the "gifts" with which Obama bribed the electorate. (I am still waiting for my gifts to arrive in the mail.) Mitt is apparaently oblivious to the fact that the financial gifts he was offering his constitutency, the 1%, amounted to billions of dollars in tax breaks. Regardless, the Bain of Mormon just won't go away. But it's the bitches of Fox News: Rasmussen pollsters, Dick Morris and Karl Rove who won't concede that the Democrats got more votes, fair and square. Rove is still counting votes in Ohio. Morris, whose prediction of a Romney landslide wiped out any shred of credibility he had, keeps showing up on O'Reilly's show to tell us how he miscalculated by only a few percentage points. The worst of all are the Rasmussen pollsters who had Romney ahead by 9 points on November 5. Why would anybody pay any attention to these lying, corrupt idiots ever again? They are paid by FOX to lie to the American public. If FOX News insisted the world was flat, Rasmussen would jimmie up some poll which read: 87% of Americans believe the earth is flat. If FOX tried to convince us that pigs can fly, Rove would grow wings. If FOX told us that our mouths are really our assholes, and vice versa, Morris would...well, Morris proved that one already.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Republicans Are Really Darwinists, Not Christians

Ask Republicans what moral code they live by and most likely you'll get a Bible lesson (usually fiction) and verbal allegiance to the Almighty. They will tell you that they strictly follow their Christian precepts. As one elderly Republican acquaintance put it: "I live in a godly way." But Republicans must never read their Bibles because nowhere in it does it say, "Look out for number one," or "I've got mine, and you are on your own," or "Blacks and Muslims are not God's children," or "Social Security is a communist plot," or "Jesus was a gun-carrying, supply-side capitalist." Jesus was a destitute, compassionate, peace-loving other words, a liberal. And what the Bible says is that we should love one another (tolerance), that charity towards the least among us is a good thing (welfare), and that the rich man shall not gain the Kingdom of Heaven (tax the hell out of the wealthiest 1%). Point this out to Republicans, and they will likely wave a Bible in your face and declare that these are godless, socialist views. All the while blissfully unaware that they are the real atheists because they subscribe to that godless belief called Darwinism. Conservatives live as social Darwinists; they praise those who thrive in this dog-eat-dog world--the more ruthless and cut-throat one is in capitalist America, the more worthy one is of special status (i.e. the Romans who crucified Jesus). Those who are disadvantaged and need help to compete (student loans, equal pay, Head Start, Affirmative Action) are condemned as weaklings sucking at the state's nipple. Republican/Darwinists believe only the fittest (read richest and most privileged) should survive, and the rest should just die off. (By the way, this philosophy sounds eerily reminiscent of the Third Reich's philosophy.) Darwinist Bill O'Reilly was on TV whining the other night about Obama supporters getting entitlements from the state; he decried the state providing help for those who have less money than he. In the next sentence he decried liberals' desecration of Christianity's holiest know, Christmas, when there is supposed to be goodwill toward men and love for the least among us. Ah, those Republican Darwinists...the hypocrisy makes me laugh.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Good-Bye, Mitt, And Good Riddance

Today I am as a giddy as a school girl on Christmas Eve. It's not just that a decent, fair-minded moderate won four more years in the White House; it's that I'll never again have to listen to the plastic, shallow, rudderless Plutocrat they call Mitt. As malleable as putty, a political chameleon unlike any other, Romney was a peculiar invention of super PAC money and CEO-driven America. Aiming always to please, Mitt cared not whit about anything except his own advancement and self-enrichment. Like a used-car salesman, he said and did anything to please the customers as long as he could make the sale. And when it comes to politics, all his life Mitt has done what the big money has told him to do. Now he's adrift on his own plush island, political career over, never to be heard from again. I should say good riddance and be done with him, but I can't resist a few parting shots: 1) How about that 47% now, Mittster? Looks like they kicked your ass. 2) Due to yesterday's voting results, the House and Senate now have binders full of women. 3) Now that the Grinch has been banished, it looks like all the little kids can keep watching Big Bird on TV. 4) The auto industry is so profitable now, it is sending a limo for you so you can catch your flight to the Caymans or Switzerland to be reunited with your money. 5) Possible jobs for the unemployed Mitt: --Playing Thurston Howell III in a TV revival of "Gilligan's Island." --Producing an off-Broadway play of his life, "The Bain of Mormon." --Offering tax advice for billionaires. --Selling Attachable Dog Carriers for Car Rooftops. Rim shot. O, Mitt, we hardly knew ye.

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Election Comes Down To One Man, And He Is At It Again

You may never have heard of John Husted, but he may well decide who your next president will be. You see, John is a small-minded, right-wing zealot who has a great deal of power in this election's decisive state--Ohio. Whoever wins Ohio wins the presidency, or so say the experts. John knows this, and his evil little brain is busy scheming and devising ways for Republicans to steal the White House. John has become full of himself and refuses to listen to the outrage and recrimination of those who want democracy to be implemented. Like Hitler in Berlin, 1933, John feels he has the power to highjack a country through devious, unscrupulous means, and he has neither a social conscience nor one whit of guilt about cheating an entire population. So, again, a whole nation is at the mercy of a narrow-minded egomaniac with great power. As Ohio's Secretary of State, John can make up and implement any sort of crazy, diabolical voting law he wants. And what he wants is Ohio's Democrats to get so discouraged that they will fail to show up on election day. He has tried to suppress Democratic voters in numerous ways. His latest scam was dreamed up over the weekend. He changed the requirements for submitting provisional ballots on election day. Provisional ballots can be submitted by those who get their identity and registration challenged on election day. Overwhelmingly, these voters will be Democrats. And John now requires that these voters fill out long, confusing, complicated application forms before they will be allowed to cast provisional ballots. John's hope is that these voters will simply give up and go home. I've e-mailed John, and I've called his office, (877) 767-6446, to protest. However, I hung up when I was told I needed to address John with the salutation, "Sig Heil."

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ohio Secretary of State Tries To Steal Election for Romney

Conventional wisdom says whoever wins Ohio wins the presidency. Naturally, then, there is an Ohio Republican trying to steal the presidency. He's Jon Husted, Secretary of State, and he's a master of deviousness and deception. He has purged, for no apparent reason, thousands of voters from the rolls in Cuyahoga County, a reliably Democratic county. He has invited a group called "True The Vote" to monitor polling places in Ohio. True The Vote is a quasi-fascist organization which tries to intimidate and harass minority voters by demanding IDs, questioning their patriotism, threatening them with prison time for voter fraud, and making it harder for blacks to vote than the Jim Crowe laws in the Old South did. Husted has also bought voting machines from a company run by Mitt Romney's son. No conflict of interest there, of course. And Husted has refused to extend early voting hours, even though Ohio polling places have experienced many glitches with machines and there have been long lines throughout the state. In predominantly Democratic areas of the state, voters have waited up to four hours to vote. Many just gave up and left without voting. Discouraging Democrats from voting is the whole point. By tampering with ballots, harassing minorities, and restricting access to Democratic voters, Husted is doing everything he can to get Romney into the White House. This is our democracy in action.