Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Why Do Republicans Care So Much About Zygotes?

Republican idiot Todd Akin aside, why does the GOP want so desperately to deny women access to abortions? The Republicans' public justification, of course, is that they fervently want to protect life in all forms. But this contradicts all their stances on all non-zygote forms of life. Republicans apparently don't care about life in the form of old people; they want to eradicate Social Security and gut Medicare. If the GOP had its way, old people would be dying in our streets of starvation and untreated diseases. Republicans don't care about life in the form of college students; they want to abolish federal student loans. They don't care about kids; they want to cut government lunch programs for needy youngsters. They have no regard for the well-being of women; they want to restrict access to contraceptives which not only prevent the need for abortion but also help regulate women's reproductive organs. Republicans despise brown people of all ethnicities; they want keep them out of the country, prevent them from voting, and make it difficult for them to access public transportation which could be used to make a better life for themselves. And, most callous of all, Republicans have no problem with putting all forms of life in danger with their "Wild West" gun policies. They assiduously protect the rights of maniacs to buy AK-47s, but they could not care less about the rights of the rest of us to "life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness," and a feeling of safety in our own neighborhoods, churches, movie theaters, and schools. In short, Republicans care only about life before it begins. After you are born, you are on your own...and Republicans will make it as hard for you to survive as they possibly can. What sense does this make? Why do Republicans value life, respect life, and protect life only until one comes into existence? It is non-logical, but what would you expect from the party of Todd Akin. Finally, there is this: You would think that with demographics trending towards white people being outnumbered by people of color by 2020, Republicans would be handing out contraceptives on street corners and opening up abortion shops in every town. By forcing women, even rape and incest victims, to carry to term, Republicans are repopulating America with the very people who will eventually vote them out of office. Wealthy white females will always have access to contraceptives and abortions; it is the poor and minorities who will not if Republicans have their way. In a way, Republicans are trying to legislate themselves out of existence. Fine by me.