Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Incompetent Journalists At McCulloch Press Conference Fail To Ask The Most Important Questions About Michael Brown's Murder

You know by now that killer cop Darren Wilson got off scott-free, just as I predicted he would. Three months ago, on the day that St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch announced that a grand jury would be convened to look into the shooting death of Michael Brown, I knew the fix was in and I said so on this blog site. In his 24 years as the county prosecutor, McCulloch, whose father was a St. Louis cop shot and killed in the line of duty, has never indicted a single police officer for any crime. In fact, to my knowledge, no St. Louis County policeman has ever been censured, suspended, or even chastised for any wrongdoing whatsoever. This is one remarkable record! Either the St. Louis County cops are the most professional, fair-minded, unsullied, tolerant, racially blind, and incorruptible police force in the history of mankind...or, Bob McCulloch is a master at covering up and dismissing police misconduct and brutality. As someone who has lived here all my life, I can assure you it is not the former.

So it galled to me to no end that he was not grilled, fried and sauteed about his record when reporters had their chance last night. As I sat and watched McCulloch's press conference, I grew more frustrated with each stupid question asked by the so-called "journalists" present. It was as if they were McCulloch "plants" the way they lobbed softballs in his direction. The local media, who know McCulloch and his ways better than the national media, were particularly culpable. Granted, McCulloch has ways of intimidating and bullying local "journalists," but you would think at least one would ask a tough question. Instead, what we got were questions like these:

"What was the grand jury's vote?" McCulloch explained that the grand jury's ballot is secret and, by law, no one is allowed to ascertain how the vote broke down. This question was asked by three different reporters!

Someone clumsily asked McCulloch about his presumed bias because of his father's murder. McCulloch brushed it aside without much effort.

Another newsman asked about the racial makeup of the jury. McCulloch toyed with him.

There were half-hearted efforts to explore the actual evidence, but the reporters seemed to have a tenuous grasp of the facts. One even asked McCulloch if the videotape of the shooting would now be released. McCulloch barely restrained a smirk as he pointed out that there was no videotape of the shooting.

Here's what McCulloch should have been asked:

1) "Why didn't you instruct the jury as to their options regarding the various counts the grand jury had to consider." In other words, in any murder case, the prosecutor, as a matter of course, would detail the various indictments (or true bills) for the jury to consider--everything from murder one to involuntary manslaughter. McCulloch did not do this in the Brown case. Why did he deviate from normal prosecutorial methods? Was it to go easy on Officer Wilson and induce a no-true bill from the jury?

2) "Isn't this a case of overkill? Brown sustained 10 bullet wounds, most of them from a distance of 150 feet. That's half a football field's length. How can it be argued that Officer Wilson was in imminent danger from half a football field away?" It is undeniable that Brown was already critically wounded and of no threat to Wilson when Wilson delivered the kill shot."

3) "Why was Brown's body left to lie in the middle of the street for four hours? Was a cover-up being concocted during this delay?"

4) "If, as you say, Officer Wilson knew that someone matching Brown's description was suspected in a petty theft, why is there no record of this in Wilson's broadcast conversation with the police dispatcher? Wilson's own supervisor, the Ferguson Police Chief, himself admitted just days after the shooting that Wilson had no knowledge of Brown being a theft suspect at the time of the shooting."

5) "How is it that no policeman, on your watch, has ever been suspended, much less indicted or convicted of any crime, in your 24 years as County prosecutor? No county in the country has such a record for the last 24 years. This is despite the fact that hundreds of officer-involved shootings have occurred since you took office in 1990. All those shootings were justified? That is one remarkable record. How do you account for that, Mr. McCulloch?"

6) "Did your office prosecute this case with the same zeal as you would have prosecuted a case which involved an officer being gunned down by a private citizen?"

7) "Why is your prosecutorial record of convicting black offenders wildly disproportionate to the racial composition of St. Louis County?"

I should have been at the press conference to ask these questions myself, but I am much too educated, unintimidated, and independent to obtain a media credential in this town.

[You can read more of my excoriation of the St. Louis County police in my historical novel The President's Mortician.] http://neverlandpublishing.com/tpm.html

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Collinsville IL Public Library Hosts My JFK Assassination Presentation on Saturday Nov. 22

As part of the Collinsville Public Library's "Meet The Author" series, I will be discussing the JFK assassination on November 22, 2014, at 2 pm. My book, "The President's Mortician: A Story Of How And Why JFK's Murder Was Executed And Covered Up" will be available for purchase at a discounted price of $12. I will be happy to sign all purchased copies. The presentation is open to the public.

The discussion will include how and why JFK was murdered; the true nature of the plot that took his life; the extent and mechanics of the cover-up; the aftermath for America; as well as the long-term ramifications. More specific subjects that will be addressed include why the mainstream media have not exposed the truth; who were the likely triggermen; how and why JFK's wounds were altered; how the assassination affected our Vietnam policy; the Warren Commission whitewash; and the CIA's coordination of the plot.

The Collinsville Public Library is located at 408 W. Main Street in downtown Collinsville, Illinois. For more information, call (618) 344-1112.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Turns Out The “Black Devil” President Has Done A Good Job

The results of the recent midterm elections are more a reflection of low voter turnout and white backlash than anything else. Certainly it has nothing to do with President Obama’s job performance, for he has been a very effective president in terms of getting positive results in his six years in office. But that didn’t matter to the Koch Brothers and other right-wing extremists who poured millions into a mass propaganda effort to demonize Obama. It worked, but only because it appealed to ignorant, misinformed and racist white voters…the kind who turn out in droves to vote in any election. Too bad the liberals didn’t show up to offset the angry white voters. Voter turnout was the lowest for a midterm election in 78 years. Barely 34% of the electorate came to the polls. That’s a disgrace for a country which calls itself a democracy. I suppose we deserve the quasi-fascist government we are going to get.

Democratic candidates must share the blame for their losses. Instead of embracing the good that has been done under a Democratic administration, they inexplicably ran away from Obama’s accomplishments the last six years. The strategy was as stupid as it was frustrating. Democrats should have put Republicans on the defensive by reminding Americans of what it was like when Obama took office and how things are much better now. For instance: in January 2009, unemployment was at 7.9%; it now stands at 5.8%. GDP growth stood at -5.4%; today it is at +3.5%. The Dow Jones index was at 7,949 when Obama took office; today it is at 17,573. Consumer confidence coming out of the banking/lending crisis was 37.7%; today it’s 94.5%. Bin Laden is dead; General Motors is alive. Seven million more people have affordable health care. All this while Republican obstructionists stubbornly stood in the way of all progress.

That’s some great record. And when history is written a hundred years from now, Obama will be considered one the great presidents of the 21st century …unless, of course that history is written by an angry white racist.


Thursday, November 6, 2014

What Do Midterm Results Mean? Right-Wing Extremists Are Good Liars

Recently a secret recording was made of a Republican lobbyist, named Richard Berman, addressing a meeting of energy-industry executives. What the lobbyist revealed is at the core of the right-wing strategy for getting Americans to vote against their own interests. “We exploit their basest emotions. We prey on their fear, greed and anger. The truth never matters. Because if we hit them in their gut, they don’t care what the truth is.” With these “inspiring” words Berman elicited millions in donations for Republican political candidates from a quasi-fascist group called Western Energy Alliance, whose members include Halliburton, Devon Energy, and Anadarko Petroleum. And because the Supreme Court has removed limits on corporate spending, right-wing billionaire groups like Western Energy can literally buy elections with their money. That’s the right-wing playbook. That’s how it works. That’s America in 2014. The richest, greediest, most conservative people in the country can hire paid liars to do their bidding to get what they want.

Climate change is real, but liars like Louis Gohmert can convince voters it’s not by pointing out that it’s a black man who has the audacity to tell us it’s real. Obamacare is working, but Mitch McConnell can exploit racist Kentuckians to believe otherwise. Scott Walker can convince working class Wisconsinites that their taxes will go up if they don’t elect him; in reality, it is only the super-rich whose taxes will rise. The rise of lower and middle class families makes America better, but when white bigots see blacks and Latinos getting opportunities, they become jealous, angry and fearful. Limbaugh and FOX News exploit this fear with dire warnings of brown people swarming into America spreading disease, going on welfare, and voting for minority candidates. The colored hordes are coming, is the message.

To fend off these lies, one must be educated and well-read. Sadly, most of white, rural America is woefully unlearned. They can’t afford higher education, and they have limited access to the truth. They will believe the most bellicose, incendiary, and hateful voices they hear. That’s how Republicans want them—stupid, poor, and pissed-off. The way they will always be under Republican rule.


Friday, October 31, 2014

Vanity Fair Article Barely Scrapes The Surface On Secret Service Involvement In JFK Murder

A recent article in Vanity Fair, written by Susan Cheever, purports to blow the lid off the behavior of Secret Service agents in Dallas on November 21-22, 1963. As usual, though, popular magazines and “investigative reporters” are slow to catch up to the inside facts of how and why JFK was killed. Cheever’s revelations may seem earth-shattering to the uninformed, but long-time assassination researchers yawn at her supposed bombshells.

For instance, anyone who has seriously investigated the Secret Service’s actions in Dallas has known for almost 50 years that key members of JFK’s protection detail were drunk or hungover during the fatal motorcade. At least six, and probably closer to nine, agents had partied at a notorious local club until the early morning hours of November 22. The club, The Cellar, was known for catering to cops, politicians, reporters, and Mafia types. Cheever thinks she has uncovered dynamite; in reality she is 50 years late to the party. She writes:

“It took the Cellar’s owner, Pat Kirkwood, however, more than 20 years to provide a more detailed account of the night. In the letters he wrote in 1963, he was certain that none of the Secret Service agents in his establishment had been drinking. Then, in 1984, as Jim Marrs would note in his book Crossfire, published five years later, Kirkwood opened up in an article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, recounting the glory days of the club and explaining that although he did not ‘officially’ serve liquor, he actually handed out large quantities of booze, especially to people like lawyers and politicians and policemen who might later be helpful. ‘About 3:30,’ Kirkwood said, “these Secret Service men were sitting around giggling about how the firemen were guarding the president over at the Hotel Texas.’

“Cellar manager Jimmy Hill would also tell his side of the story in that same Star-Telegram article: ‘After the agents were there we got a call from the White House asking us not to say anything about them drinking because their image had suffered enough as it was. We didn’t say anything but those guys were bombed. They were drinking pure Everclear.” (Everclear is a strong intoxicant—either 151- or 190-proof—and was known at the time as a spike for drinks such as a Salty Dick.) In addition, the waitresses at the Cellar—a late-night drawing card for the club—were scantily clad. These underdressed women sometimes attended to over-served men, and if their testimony was ever provided, it has never surfaced.’”

Cheever, in a half-hearted attempt to be thorough, also quotes Abraham Bolden, the first African-American Secret Service agent. “‘I knew it would happen. I told those playboys that someone was going to get the president killed if they kept acting like they did. Now it’s happened,’ said Bolden. Today, Bolden, a 79-year-old retiree in Chicago, thinks that drinking definitely had something to do with the ‘lackadaisical’ Secret Service performance when the Kennedy motorcade was under attack. ‘The biggest problem I ran into with the Secret Service when I was an agent was their constant drinking,’ he told me.”

What Cheever doesn’t reveal is that Bolden’s book contains much more explicit and explosive indictments of the Secret Service in JFK’s time. Bolden asserted that several agents regularly professed their hatred of the president and insisted they would step aside if anyone tried to assassinate him. Not exactly the best attitude for those entrusted with Kennedy’s life. But Cheever ignores this. She never even hints that perhaps the Secret Service was in on the hit, despite overwhelming and long-standing evidence that it was. Cheever ascribes the agents’ culpable behavior to negligence or drunkenness. High treason and conspiracy to commit murder aren’t considerations.
However, the evidence for Secret Service participation in the plot and the cover-up is overwhelming. I believe at least four agents could have been tried and convicted as accomplices to murder: Roy Kellerman, Winston Lawson, William Greer, and Emory Roberts. For 50 years, though, no mainstream media outlet has dared to explore this dark alley because doing so would lead to back to the real brains behind the dirty project: Lyndon Johnson and the CIA, the men who recruited into the plot Secret Service agents who hated Kennedy and wanted him dead.


Monday, October 27, 2014

More Proof That CIA Hired Mass-Murdering Nazis

Upon publication of my first novel, Murder Of An American Nazi, I was ridiculed in many quarters for having the audaciousness and affrontery to suggest that the CIA hired thousands of Nazis after World War II to help do its dirty work. The central thesis of my novel is that Allen Dulles and other American spymasters employed these mass murderers to spy on the communists, indoctrinate U.S. intelligence in torture techniques learned in the Nazi death camps, show the CIA how to use LSD as a mind control drug, and develop space rocketry and weapons for American use in the Cold War (see Operation Paperclip). As the years have passed, and I’ve been proven right, my detractors have cowered back under the slimy rocks from which they emerged, because they have no ground on which to stand. The declassification of millions of CIA documents have exposed more immoral, ruthless, and senseless Nazi collaboration than even I had imagined.

The latest CIA misdeeds are chronicled in the Toronto Globe and Mail, in an article written by Eric Lichtblau. (God forbid an American paper should report on CIA atrocities; of course, most American media outlets have been CIA assets for the last half-century anyway [see Operation Mockingbird]. The establishment hacks have howled at me about this assertion too.) Lichtblau writes:

“One SS officer (hired by the CIA), Otto von Bolschwing, was a mentor and top aide to Adolf Eichmann, architect of the “Final Solution,” and wrote policy papers on how to terrorize Jews.

“Yet after the war, the CIA not only hired him as a spy in Europe, but relocated him and his family to New York City in 1954, records show. The move was seen as 'a reward for his loyal postwar service and in view of the innocuousness of his [Nazi] party activities,' the agency wrote.

“His son, Gus von Bolschwing, who learned many years later of his father’s ties to the Nazis, sees the relationship between the spy agency and his father as one of mutual convenience forged by the Cold War. ‘They used him, and he used them,’ Gus von Bolschwing, now 75, said in an interview. ‘It shouldn’t have happened. He never should have been admitted to the United States. It wasn’t consistent with our values as a country.’

“When Israeli agents captured Eichmann in Argentina in 1960, Otto von Bolschwing went to the CIA for help because he worried they might come after him, memos show.

“Agency officials were worried as well that von Bolschwing might be named as Eichmann’s ‘collaborator and fellow conspirator and that the resulting publicity may prove embarrassing to the U.S.,’ a CIA official wrote.

“After two agents met with von Bolschwing in 1961, the agency assured him that it would not disclose his ties to Eichmann, records show. He lived freely for another 20 years before prosecutors discovered his wartime role and prosecuted him. He agreed to give up his citizenship in 1981, dying months later.

“In all, the American military, the CIA, the FBI and other agencies used at least 1,000 ex-Nazis and collaborators as spies and informants after the war, according to Richard Breitman, a Holocaust scholar at American University who was on a government-appointed team that declassified war-crime records.

“The full tally of Nazis-turned-spies is probably much higher, said Norman Goda, a University of Florida historian on the declassification team, but many records remain classified even today, making a complete count impossible.

“ ‘U.S. agencies directly or indirectly hired numerous ex-Nazi police officials and East European collaborators who were manifestly guilty of war crimes,” he said. “Information was readily available that these were compromised men.’

“None of the spies are known to be alive today.

“The wide use of Nazi spies grew out of a Cold War mentality shared by two titans of intelligence in the 1950s: Hoover, the longtime FBI director, and Dulles, the CIA director.

“Dulles believed ‘moderate’ Nazis might ‘be useful’ to the United States, records show. Hoover, for his part, personally approved some ex-Nazis as informants and dismissed accusations of their wartime atrocities as Soviet propaganda.

“In 1968, Hoover authorized the FBI to wiretap a left-wing journalist who wrote critical stories about Nazis in the U.S., internal records show. Hoover declared the journalist, Charles Allen, a potential threat to national security.

“John Fox, the bureau’s chief historian, said: ‘In hindsight, it is clear that Hoover, and by extension the FBI, was shortsighted in dismissing evidence of ties between recent German and East European immigrants and Nazi war crimes. It should be remembered, though, that this was at the peak of Cold War tensions.’

“The CIA declined to comment for this article.”


Friday, October 24, 2014

New Study Reaffirms Conservatives’ Bias and Ignorance

If you are liberal, as I am, you are probably regularly frustrated and mystified by the ignorance and misinformation of your family, friends and acquaintances of conservative persuasion. There is just no way to talk sense to these people, and, thanks to a new study, there are viable and identifiable causes for conservatives' inability to consider alternative philosophies or develop open-minded approaches to societal and philosophical matters. In short, their minds are closed, and they don't want to listen to any other viewpoints. So says Chris Mooney in his new book, "The Republican Brain: The Science of Why They Deny Science and Reality."

At its core, Mooney's book postulates then proves this immutable fact: Conservatives are largely born into authoritarian households, grow up to be rigid in beliefs and ideology themselves, and then seek out affirmation for those beliefs without considering other viewpoints. Enter FOX News, the perfect outlet for the conservative. Reinforcing old, illusory and non-factual beliefs is what FOX does best.

Mooney's hard data are the results of public opinion surveys which ask respondents about their beliefs and "information media" preferences. The surveys' subject matters were climate change, health care, the Iraq War, the Ground Zero mosque, the 2010 elections, and other currently debated topics. The results show that those who watch FOX News are more likely to be misinformed about factually uncontestable matters (for instance, were there really no WMDs found in Iraq). But this begs the question: Which comes first the conservative or FOX News? Mooney's research provides an interesting answer.

While watching FOX News certainly makes one more misinformed and ignorant, naturally predisposed ignorant and misinformed people seek out FOX News to reinforce their stupidity. In other words, if you're born stupid you cannot get smarter by watching FOX News; however, ironically, the dumber you are the more likely you are to do the one thing that will keep you dumb: seek out outlets like FOX News to reinforce your stupidity. It's a Catch-22, but don't tell conservatives that. They will not understand the reference, and they will deny the scientific results of any survey which claims they are stupid anyway.

According to Mooney, political conservatives tend to have a higher need for closure. They are uncomfortable with loose ends that are a natural residue of life's complexities. For instance, it is comfortable and simplistic for conservatives to decry the welfare state, while at the same time being oblivious to the fact that investment banks and military defense contractors are the biggest welfare vacuums in America. Corporatists suck billions of tax dollars down their greedy holes, compared to the drop-in-the-bucket consumed by the genuinely needy.

Conservatives are, by and large, authoritarian/absolute in their beliefs, and they limit challenges against their belief systems by surrounding themselves with sources of information that will tell them they are right...and by defiantly, even violently, challenging those who tell them they are wrong.

The author then goes on to note that they’re also disinclined to watch anything else. FOX keeps constantly in their minds the idea that the rest of the media are “biased” against them, and conservatives duly respond by saying other media aren’t worth watching—it’s just a pack of lies. According to Public Policy Polling’s annual TV News Trust Poll (the 2011 run), 72 percent of conservatives say they trust FOX News, but they also say they strongly distrust NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN. Liberals and moderates, in contrast, trust all of these outlets more than they distrust them (though they distrust FOX). This, too, suggests selective exposure of conservatives.

What does this all mean? As long as there is a FOX News there will be right-wingers, and as long as there are right-wingers there will be a FOX News. Our only hope is to grab them when they're young before intransigence and ignorance settle like concrete in their brains.