Sunday, October 28, 2012

What A Romney Presidency Would Look Like

I know it's a scary thought, but you need to know what's ahead if you vote for Romney: 1) Foreign Policy--In this area Romney would turn over all decisions to John Bolton, Secretary of State. Who is John Bolton? A modern-day Attila the Hun. A neocon who advised W to go to war in Iraq and who stands by that decision to this day. Under Romney we would be at war with Iran within five months. We would be on a wartime budget again, with slimy defense contractors coming out from under their rocks. Say hello to Halliburton again. And you can double the current deficit. The entire Middle East would get involved this time. The nuclear option would be on the table. Think 1962 and Cuban Missile Crisis redux without a cool, smart, deliberate commander-in-chief to keep us out of global thermonuclear war. 2) The Economy--One word: Plutocracy. The rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer. We would return to no-trickle-down policies. The right wing has for decades tried to convince us that tax breaks for the wealthy and for corporations would create more jobs. This is, of course, nonsense. It is just another scam that capitalists perpetrate on the proletariat. The way corporations get rich today is by cutting jobs, not adding jobs. The more tax breaks the plutocrats get, the more they put in their own pockets. They couldn't care less about the middle class. 3) The Supreme Court and Roe v. Wade--Ruth Bader Ginsberg is just barely hanging on, and she is all that stands in the way of the overturn of women's abortion rights. Romney would be forced by his Tea Party backers to appoint a right-wing nutjob to the Court, and Democrats would not have the votes to stop him. Imagine women being unable to get abortions. Imagine employers being able to restrict access to contraceptives. Imagine rape victims being forced to carry to term. We would have a second baby boom--most of them born to poor families. Entitlement programs would be cut. Poverty and homelessness would be rampant. We could have people starving to death in America. 4) The middle class would be gutted--In order to pay for his tax cuts for millionaires, President Romney would eliminate the mortgage interest deduction. Middle class taxpayers would pay an average of $10,000/year more in taxes. Home ownership would lose its appeal. A severe housing market decline begins. The gains made under Obama would be wiped out. The middle class is forced to work harder to keep less of its money and loses the incentive to own a home. 5) America longs for the good old days of the George W. Bush presidency. Don't say I haven't warned you.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Another GOP Rape Expert Surfaces in Indiana

Say what you want about white Republican males running for the Senate, they know more about the science and religion of females getting raped than anyone alive. They must know more, because they keep pontificating about it publicly. They are almost obsessed with the topic. The latest rape expert is Richard Mourdock of Indiana, running for U.S. Senate. He says that rape is God's will. Mourdock is probably referring to an obscure passage from Genesis, "Go forth to be molested and multiply," or possibly this one from The Old Testament, "And it was said unto Abraham, take your women by force so that ye may impregnate them." Using the Bible to justify crimes against whole groups of people who seem to lean towards the Democrats is a savvy political strategy; I am surprised more Republicans have not adopted it. For instance, why hasn't Scott Brown insisted that Elizabeth Warren be stoned to death in a public square for having the temerity to run for public office. He could cite the passage from Leviticus, "Let those harlots who dare to challenge the authority of conservative men be put to death." Come to think of it, why hasn't the NRA declared that shooting liberals should be legalized. After all, didn't Jesus himself unload an AK-47 on union leaders who did business in temples on the Sabbath? And why doesn't Jan Brewer, Republican Governor of Arizona, simply drown illegal aliens; Noah didn't take Mexicans on the Ark. In Missouri Todd Akin just called Claire McCaskill a female dog, and we all know God hates dogs. The voters in Indiana and Missouri, most of whom are acknowledged Biblical scholars, agree with this strategy; they have Akin and Mourdock well ahead in their Senate races. Praise be to Jesus.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Akin Makes Crazy Seem Normal

Just for fun, let's review Todd Akin's Top 10 Extreme Quotes. My comments follow each quote: 10. "[Social Security and Medicare] are enslaving people and destroying people’s lives… Basically we fought a war for slavery already, we don't want that anymore." (1/10/12) YES...those old people who can't afford to live or get healthcare without Social Security and Medicare need to be free of those government chains, so they can starve to death or die of disease. 9. "[Doctors are] giving abortions to women who are not actually pregnant." (1/22/08) Huh?? 8. "I think [food stamps are] destructive; putting people in chains to the welfare state is not compassionate and it needs to stop." (6/11/12) Yes poor people need to be free of government handouts so they can starve to death. 7. "One of the things that did distinguish me from some of my colleagues here was the fact that I would support a repeal of the 17th Amendment." (6/11/12) The 17th Amendment provides for direct election of Senators. Todd thinks he was appointed by God. 6. "Our freedom is seriously threatened right now… I hope we will fight the battle with ballots and not bullets, but the Second Amendment is our last ditch of defense." (4/24/12) We need to take up arms against the negro president. 5. "[Claire] had a confidence and was much more ladylike [in 2006], but in the debate on Friday she came out swinging." (9/26/12) Todd thinks broads are meant to be seen not heard. 4. "The Federal Government is destroying things right now. It's paying women to have children out of wedlock. What you pay for, you get more of. That's nuts." (5/25/12) But Todd will not let you have contraceptives or abortions! 3. "The bottom line is you've got a conservative House, you've got a bunch of socialists in the Senate, and you've got a commie President. That's where we are." (4/16/11) And we've got a fascist running for Senate in Missouri. 2. "[Student loans are] the stage three cancer of socialism that is threatening our freedom." (6/2/12) Damn dare they try to educate the middle class. 1. "From what I understand from doctors [pregnancy from rape] is really rare. If it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down." (8/19/12) The doctor Todd is quoting is Dr. Mengele. Honorable Mention: "I don't believe in [global warming] at all, okay?... I just don't think the evidence is good there from a scientific point of view." (8/1/12) And Todd knows all about science. By the way, did you know the earth is really flat and only 2,000 years old.