Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Another GOP Rape Expert Surfaces in Indiana

Say what you want about white Republican males running for the Senate, they know more about the science and religion of females getting raped than anyone alive. They must know more, because they keep pontificating about it publicly. They are almost obsessed with the topic. The latest rape expert is Richard Mourdock of Indiana, running for U.S. Senate. He says that rape is God's will. Mourdock is probably referring to an obscure passage from Genesis, "Go forth to be molested and multiply," or possibly this one from The Old Testament, "And it was said unto Abraham, take your women by force so that ye may impregnate them." Using the Bible to justify crimes against whole groups of people who seem to lean towards the Democrats is a savvy political strategy; I am surprised more Republicans have not adopted it. For instance, why hasn't Scott Brown insisted that Elizabeth Warren be stoned to death in a public square for having the temerity to run for public office. He could cite the passage from Leviticus, "Let those harlots who dare to challenge the authority of conservative men be put to death." Come to think of it, why hasn't the NRA declared that shooting liberals should be legalized. After all, didn't Jesus himself unload an AK-47 on union leaders who did business in temples on the Sabbath? And why doesn't Jan Brewer, Republican Governor of Arizona, simply drown illegal aliens; Noah didn't take Mexicans on the Ark. In Missouri Todd Akin just called Claire McCaskill a female dog, and we all know God hates dogs. The voters in Indiana and Missouri, most of whom are acknowledged Biblical scholars, agree with this strategy; they have Akin and Mourdock well ahead in their Senate races. Praise be to Jesus.

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