Sunday, October 28, 2012

What A Romney Presidency Would Look Like

I know it's a scary thought, but you need to know what's ahead if you vote for Romney: 1) Foreign Policy--In this area Romney would turn over all decisions to John Bolton, Secretary of State. Who is John Bolton? A modern-day Attila the Hun. A neocon who advised W to go to war in Iraq and who stands by that decision to this day. Under Romney we would be at war with Iran within five months. We would be on a wartime budget again, with slimy defense contractors coming out from under their rocks. Say hello to Halliburton again. And you can double the current deficit. The entire Middle East would get involved this time. The nuclear option would be on the table. Think 1962 and Cuban Missile Crisis redux without a cool, smart, deliberate commander-in-chief to keep us out of global thermonuclear war. 2) The Economy--One word: Plutocracy. The rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer. We would return to no-trickle-down policies. The right wing has for decades tried to convince us that tax breaks for the wealthy and for corporations would create more jobs. This is, of course, nonsense. It is just another scam that capitalists perpetrate on the proletariat. The way corporations get rich today is by cutting jobs, not adding jobs. The more tax breaks the plutocrats get, the more they put in their own pockets. They couldn't care less about the middle class. 3) The Supreme Court and Roe v. Wade--Ruth Bader Ginsberg is just barely hanging on, and she is all that stands in the way of the overturn of women's abortion rights. Romney would be forced by his Tea Party backers to appoint a right-wing nutjob to the Court, and Democrats would not have the votes to stop him. Imagine women being unable to get abortions. Imagine employers being able to restrict access to contraceptives. Imagine rape victims being forced to carry to term. We would have a second baby boom--most of them born to poor families. Entitlement programs would be cut. Poverty and homelessness would be rampant. We could have people starving to death in America. 4) The middle class would be gutted--In order to pay for his tax cuts for millionaires, President Romney would eliminate the mortgage interest deduction. Middle class taxpayers would pay an average of $10,000/year more in taxes. Home ownership would lose its appeal. A severe housing market decline begins. The gains made under Obama would be wiped out. The middle class is forced to work harder to keep less of its money and loses the incentive to own a home. 5) America longs for the good old days of the George W. Bush presidency. Don't say I haven't warned you.

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