Thursday, February 14, 2013

History Proves That Conservatives Are Always Wrong

In the late 1950s, when African-Americans were fighting for and dying for their civil rights in America, conservative icon William F. Buckley wrote that blacks were inferior and thus not entitled to equal protection uder the law. This statement was, of course, ludicrous, and no conservative (except for the extreme right--Klansmen, neo-Nazis and the like) would lay claim to it today. History proved that conservatives were wrong. In fact, conservatism has been historically wrong about most things. Right-wingers were pro-slavery in the 19th century, anti-suffrage in the early 20th century, pro-Vietnam War in the 1960s, pro-Iraq War a decade ago. All stances were which later discredited. Liberals turned out to be right in every instance. I could mention higher tax rates on the wealty leading to prosperity (witness the Clinton era), climate change, etc., but you get the idea. The question is: Why? Why are conservatives always against progress, and always on the wrong side of the issue. Some say they are simply stupid, and there are experts who can back this up. Social psychologist Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa studied intelligence levels in young adults and found that those who described themselves as conservative had IQs which were 12-15 points lower than their liberal counterparts. It is fair to say, then, that right-wingers are intellectually less evolved. And like their neanderthal ancestors, care only about themselves and like individuals. It's a survival instinct that manifests itself in lower forms of species. For right-wingers, the needs of others are irrelevant. They care nothing for the greater good. Their myopic sensibilities extend to their own kind and no one else.

We see the effects across the sociocultural and political spectrum. Republicans, 99% white, are vehemently opposed to things which would benefit those not of their tribe, i.e., blacks, Latinos, Muslims, etc. Thus, reasonable policies that address the greater good--universal health care, affirmative action, civil liberties, social welfare programs, access to abortion, brotherhood, equal rights, world peace--have always and will always be despised by conservatives. But there is more at work here. Right-wingers feel inferior to those who are smarter, and, perhaps because of this, they are fearful and paranoid that others will take their things, do them harm, reign over them. Thus they are constantly on guard. They carry weapons as equalizers. They resist the advancement of any class, race, gender, or nationality other than their own. God knows they are already far enough behind in brainpower. I presented my theory to a social psychologist friend, with whom I have ongoing discussions about the causalities and consequences of the left/right gulf in America. To a large extent he agreed, but he also herded the argument into a fascinating realm. Right-wing males, he believes, harbor latent homoerotic tendencies for which they must overcompensate all their lives. To prove they are real men, they are pro-war, pro-guns, pro-suppression of women rights, and virulently anti-gay. In order to perform sexually they must subjugate women. They cannot have sexual relations with anyone they respect, because they respect and love only those of their own ilk…and this would make them blatantly gay. I thought about it, and I realized I know several white, conservative males who have professed “mancrushes” on certain pro athletes, who more easily have intimate relationships with other men than they do women, and whose phallic fixation and envy lead to anti-social, abusive, and violent behaviors. So the anwer to my original question (Why are conservatives a constant roadblock to progress, elightenment, social equality, and peace?) is invovled, yet simple--they are intellectually inferior, homoerotic/homophobic xenophobes whose self-preservation and greed undermine all hope for a fair and just society.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Short Story To Be Published in Horror Anthology

If you like a good horror read, check out the new anthology, "The Speed of Dark," available next month on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Chase Enterprises Publishing, and other online outlets. My contribution is titled "Back To Lopez Island," a story about a man on trial for the murder of his wife. Robert Becken claims he is innocent, and the only evidence he has to back him up is a supernatural theory of the crime. For a preview, here is the link to the book trailer: