Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Modest Proposal To Stop Gulf Oil Leak

I've got a great idea to stop the BP Gulf Oil Leak--have Liz Cheney wrap her big mouth around it and see how much she can swallow. She's all over TV blowing off her big trap uselessly (trying to blame Obama for the spill), her family loves oil, and her father helped create the climate of Halliburton fraud and incompetence which led to the leak. Those responsible for the leak should fix it, right?

What happened to the good old days when ex-vice presidents and their families, especially hated ones, walked off into the sunset and were never heard from again? I wish Dick and his evil offspring would just disappear. But they've become corporate media darlings. Liz Cheney was on ABC's Sunday morning show (I don't even remember the name of this talking dead show...I just know it's imbued with George Will's right-wing hogwash) trying to blame Obama for the oil spill. This takes some outrageous audacity, considering it was Halliburton's faulty cementing of the pipe that caused the whole damn thing. At least Ariana Huffington ripped Liz a new one. She said, "This is just a continuation of the Bush/Cheney doctrine of allowing Halliburton to defraud American taxpayers out of hundreds of billions of dollars with incompetent, overpriced, and deadly work." Halliburton has made a fortune off the Iraq war and killed many soldiers with faulty labor. Some were fried while taking showers in quarters with faulty wiring made by Halliburton.

Yet Liz Cheney denied it all on national TV, and I'm sure the idiot right was appeased. As I watched her jack her fascist jaws (notice, she has the eyes of a snake...dead and soulless...just like Palin), I began to imagine what she would have done in previous times. Can't you just picture her screaming "Macht shnell, macht shnell!!" in 1940s Germany, as she herded prisoners into Dachau showers (made by Halliburton). Or blocking James Meredith's way as he tried to enter Mississippi U. in the '60s? Or shouting down women's equality marchers in the '70s? Or killing abortion doctors in the '90s?

America will be a better place when we are finally done with the Cheney tribe and its hateful, rapacious ways.