Friday, November 9, 2012

Republicans Are Really Darwinists, Not Christians

Ask Republicans what moral code they live by and most likely you'll get a Bible lesson (usually fiction) and verbal allegiance to the Almighty. They will tell you that they strictly follow their Christian precepts. As one elderly Republican acquaintance put it: "I live in a godly way." But Republicans must never read their Bibles because nowhere in it does it say, "Look out for number one," or "I've got mine, and you are on your own," or "Blacks and Muslims are not God's children," or "Social Security is a communist plot," or "Jesus was a gun-carrying, supply-side capitalist." Jesus was a destitute, compassionate, peace-loving other words, a liberal. And what the Bible says is that we should love one another (tolerance), that charity towards the least among us is a good thing (welfare), and that the rich man shall not gain the Kingdom of Heaven (tax the hell out of the wealthiest 1%). Point this out to Republicans, and they will likely wave a Bible in your face and declare that these are godless, socialist views. All the while blissfully unaware that they are the real atheists because they subscribe to that godless belief called Darwinism. Conservatives live as social Darwinists; they praise those who thrive in this dog-eat-dog world--the more ruthless and cut-throat one is in capitalist America, the more worthy one is of special status (i.e. the Romans who crucified Jesus). Those who are disadvantaged and need help to compete (student loans, equal pay, Head Start, Affirmative Action) are condemned as weaklings sucking at the state's nipple. Republican/Darwinists believe only the fittest (read richest and most privileged) should survive, and the rest should just die off. (By the way, this philosophy sounds eerily reminiscent of the Third Reich's philosophy.) Darwinist Bill O'Reilly was on TV whining the other night about Obama supporters getting entitlements from the state; he decried the state providing help for those who have less money than he. In the next sentence he decried liberals' desecration of Christianity's holiest know, Christmas, when there is supposed to be goodwill toward men and love for the least among us. Ah, those Republican Darwinists...the hypocrisy makes me laugh.

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