Thursday, October 10, 2013

JFK Conspracy Fact #41: More Evidence That The Secret Service Was In On It

William Greer, the Secret Service agent who drove the presidential limousine in the Dallas motorcade, actually brought the car to a complete stop so that the kill shot could be delivered. At the same time he raised his left hand and pointed it at the President as if he were aiming something at him. The Zapruder film shows no gun in Greer's hand, but several witnesses in Dealey Plaza saw a gun in his hand. Standing near the limousine at the time of the shooting, eyewitness Hugh Betzner said he "...observed what appeared to be a nickel-plated revolver in someone's hand in the President's car." Years later when Greer’s son was asked how his dad felt about President Kennedy, he paused and stammered, “Well, the Kennedys were Irish Catholic, and our family is descended from Irish Protestants.” Meaning that Greer bore some animosity towards the President.

There is other evidence to support the fact that Secret Service agents pulled out their firearms and/or fired a gun that day in Dealey Plaza. An early report was delivered on-air by Chet Huntley of NBC News just a short while after the shooting. He said, “Secret Service agents drew their weapons, but the damage had already been done.” Also, one of the nurses who met the death car as it pulled into Parkland Hospital’s emergency area reported that she could smell gun powder in the limo itself.

Regardless of whether or not a Secret Service agent fired at the President, there is an abundance of evidence to indicate that the agents on duty in Dallas were negligent, if not criminal, in their conduct. Rebecca Lopez wrote this on "On the night before President John F. Kennedy was killed, 10 members of his Secret Service detail were partying at a Fort Worth club called The Cellar...these agents that were out until five in the morning, that were supposed to be guarding the president's suite, bragged to the owner of The Cellar, Pat Kirkwood, that they were out having a few cocktails while they got the Fort Worth Fire Department guarding the presidential suite...the agents left their post at the Texas Hotel to party with waitresses at The Cellar, who served drinks wearing only their underwear."


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