Wednesday, May 15, 2013

IRS Was Right To Target Phony Right-Wing Tax Evaders

Ceaselessly looking for ways to topple the Black Muslim, socialist, Kenyan President, conservatives have crosses blazing and rhetoric on fire like it's a KKK meeting. They think they have finally latched onto some meaty Obama scandals, and hatemongers like Darryl Issa, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and the rest of the Klan are whipping the base into a frenzy. And what's at the center of all the hoohah? An attack of a middle East consulate (54 of which occurred under W without so much as a whimper from the right), the Justice Department tapping phones in the name of national security (a daily occurrrence under Cheney), and some zealous IRS agents doing the job they were paid to do. The Benghazi incident is much ado about nothing. The Republicans are acting like Obama himself, M-16 in hand, attacked our embassy and killed a few of our foreign delegation. The phone taps were apparently unlawful, but right-wingers were mute when Dick Cheney regularly used his AT&T cronies to spy on left-wingers' phone calls during the Bush administration. And W used the IRS against his political enemies. A liberal southern California church which took a stand against the Iraq War was hounded for years by W's IRS. That IRS church was targeted for unwarranted auditing and was threatened with the loss of its tax-exempt status. A year later the NAACP was attacked in the same way after the civil rights organization criticized various Bush administration policies. These were legitimate tax-exempt organizations, unlike the phony Tea Party groups who seek only to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. Here's how these right-wing groups work: One fringe hillbilly says to another fringe hillbilly, "Hey, let's me and you git us a name and call ourself sumpin' like 'Patriots for Freedom.' Thattaway, we can ask for donations and we ain't a-gonna have to pay no taxes on that there money. We'll show that uppity Obama." Hundreds of these groups have cropped up in recent years, and they need to be scrutinized. They are nothing but illegal tax avoidance schemes, and they should be policed by the IRS. Which is exactly what the IRS was doing, until some Tea Party nut came along and cried foul. Now these tax frauds will be immune from prosecution, and rednecks everywhere will be forming their own tax-exempt "Fascists for Freedom" groups.


Jack Jodell said...

You hit the nail squarely on the head this time!

Tim Fleming said...

Hey Jack--

How are you? How are your Twins doing? Or should I ask?

Jack Jodell said...

The Twins are struggling and will continue to do so for a while. Good luck to the Cards! As long as you beat the Brewers and the Braves, I'm happy!