Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Time For Costas Critics To SHUT UP

"Costas should commentate on football games and SHUT UP about gun control." Those were the words of Laura Ingraham, an evil right-wing witch with the soulless eyes of a snake and a viper's heart. She attacked NBC sportscaster Bob Costas for having the temerity to speak up and express his antipathy towards America's gun culture and the ready availability and abundance of guns in this country. But Costas was we go again. The Portland mall shootings a couple days ago were just the latest in a long line of random killings. The response to which has been yawns and shrugs from the right wing. Apparently conservatives are content with this kind of America, where anyone, anyhwere at anytime can be gunned down for no reason. The Portland shooter had an AR-15, a military weapon that is illegal to own. How did he get it? No one seems to know or care. The NRA cares not whit about the victims, and the right wing says these things are going to happen. The problem is they happen over and over. Every week there is news of some random killing. Someone needs to do something, and Costas had the courage to speak up. The GOP is really the party of death. If they don't kill you with gun violence, they will deny you critical health care. If they don't kill you by cutting Medicare and Social Security, they will starve you to death by eliminating food stamps. If you don't die in their electric chairs, they will round you up and deport you. If you didn't die in Iraq, you may not survive Afghanistan. When will one of these shooters hunt down Laura Ingraham...PLEASE!

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