Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tennessee Rednecks Propose Arming Teachers

The Reupublican-controlled Tennessee legislature has actually introduced a bill to fund the arming of Tennessee teachers. That's right, these Neanderthals think that the answer to school gun violence is more guns. Can you imagine? The school marm will now solicit bullets instead of apples from her kids. And the children won't be distracted a bit by the loaded .45 in their teacher's desk drawer, right? Come to think of it, no responsible educator would have a loaded, accessible weapon in the classroom; that means he or she, if encountering a mass killer, would have to load his/her weapon...and by then it would be too late. The Tennessee Neanderthals don't understand that a weapon in the classroom is no deterrent to mad man killers. All it would do is turn the classroom into an armed gulag or an Old West saloon. No real learning can take place in such an atmosphere; maybe that's what the Tennessee Neanderthals really want--to keep our children uninformed about science, history and English so they will grow up to elect idiots to the Tennessee legislature.

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