Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rush Limbaugh: America's Goebbels

Here in the heartland, Rush Limbaugh is broadcast for three hours every day over the most far-reaching, and, thus, influential, radio station in the midwest--KMOX of St. Louis. The southern Illinois farmer doing his chores tunes in; so does the mailman making his rounds in the suburbs; so do the elderly confined to nursing homes in Jeff City; so do policemen in Hannibal, firemen in Evansville, and nurses in Joplin. And he hates all of you. All of you who work for a barely adequate wage, all of you on the government payroll, all of you who are female, brown, yellow, black, old, young, Hispanic, whatever. He hates you all. Just like Goebbels, who also got to spew his filth unopposed, on the only airwaves that could be heard in 1930s Germany, he hates everyone who is not like him--a white, middle-aged, corporate millionaire, filled with rage and utterly devoid of compassion.

This week he reached a new low, even for him. "I'm sick of...this so-called compassion for the poor. I don't have compassion for the poor." He, of course, loathes our new president, and openly lusts for Obama's failure. When criticized by a republican congressman, Phil Gringey, for this position, Limbaugh let loose on the poor congressman. (Goebbels could use his microphone to crush anyone--friend or enemy of the Third Reich.) Duly chastised, Gingrey made a humiliating mea culpa, and begged the almighty Rush for forgiveness.

In his ever hateful rhetoric; in his exhortations to move America so far to the right that it resembles neo-fascism; in his denigration of the poor, minorities, women, the aged, homosexuals; in his repudiation of all things gentle and glorious about this land, Limbaugh is our Goebbels. A malevolent, bilious presence on the airways, free to threaten, vilify, fearmonger, and propagandize. He answers to no one, and no cogent opposition is allowed...violating FCC fairness doctrines and all decent political discourse. The bully goes unchallenged, and, like Goebbels, all who dare dispute him are punished. He represents all that is shameful and reprehensible about this country--conscienceless, heartless, maniacal rapaciousness...and vicious intolerance.


musictravel said...

I agree. Apparently, even many Republican politicians listen to him and base their political decisions on his views. Limbaugh represents "media" propaganda at the most dangerous level; financially-sponsored, far-reaching air waves used to denegrate and berate others. It's shameful.

Jack Jodell said...

What a completely accurate characterization of that evil, insecure, paranoid, self-serving little demon! Rush Limbaugh thinks and behaves just as Goebbels did, and, interestingly enough, he shares the same physical attributes (fat, dumpy, commanding, middle-aged drug addict) as another well-known, and equally evil Nazi: Hermann Goering.

Monica said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you - for your amazingly accurate depiction of this dangerous, insecure, loathesome demagogue.