Monday, December 1, 2008

CIA's Mind Control Program Exposed by Vermont Journalist

Louis Porter, of the Vermont Press Bureau, today reports that a Dr. Robert W. Hyde, a psychiatrist associated with the CIA, conducted drug and psychological experiments on unwitting subjects at a Boston Hospital in the 1950s, under the auspices of MK-ULTRA, the CIA's mind control program. Later, Hyde worked as the Director of Research in the Vermont State Hospital, where he secretly used abnormal and harmful treatment techniques, including LSD dosage, on unwitting patients. How does Porter know all this? Because one of Hyde's patients can't forget him and his abuse. Her name is Karen Wetmore, and, with the help of lawyers who obtained secret government documents under the Freedom of Information Act, she sued the hospital and won a private settlement. The full article can be found on the blog of "Steven Soldz: Psychoanalyst, Psychologist, Researcher and Activist."

Where did the CIA get LSD? From the Nazi scientists who brought it with them to America after the war. One of the first to discover and develop the drug, Dr. Hubertus Strughold use it on death camp prisoners during the war. Dr. Strughold, not coincidentally, is one of the Nazis rescued from a hangman's noose at Nuremberg by Allen Dulles and the CIA. I deal with this topic in my book, Murder Of An American Nazi.


Patricia said...

It's always a 'private' settlement so too much truth does not come out.

Wren said...

Fascinating. Thanks for this glimpse into the decidedly NOT black-and-white American past.