Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cardinal Dulles Dies; Who'll Pray for Allen's Soul Now?

When I read the news of the death of Cardinal Avery Dulles the other day, I thought, again, of his uncle Allen, one the most despicable snakes who ever crawled out from under a CIA rock. Director of OSS secret ops in Europe in WWII, and Director of the CIA under Eisenhower and JFK (until JFK fired him after the Bay of Pigs), he was responsible for some of the most outlandish atrocities ever dreamed up by a demented Cold Warrior.

He okayed Operation Paperclip, the evacuation of war-criminal Nazis, who should have been tried and hanged at Nuremberg, after WWII. He gave these Nazis new lives and lucrative careers in our aerospace, defense, and intelligence complex. What they did there is a story unto itself. Let's just say, America, in the Cold War, took a turn towards neo-fascism.

One of Dulles' prize projects was Operation Mockingbird, a program which trained CIA assets as journalists who would disseminate pro-CIA propaganda from their positions at newspaper, TV stations, publishing houses, and periodicals across the country. He also recruited exisiting media moguls like the Luces, Bill Paley, and Sulzberger to "lie for their country." Subversion of the free press meant that American citizens seldom got the truth of what their secret agencies were up to.

Dulles also dreamed up MK-ULTRA, the secret biochemical and drug experimentation program which victimized innocent, unwitting citizens who were exposed to bacterial agents, LSD, and other weird psychological and hypnosis projects. The object was to see if the CIA could control one's mind and one's behavior, and create a Manchurian candidate who could kill in a brainwashed trance without later being able to recall the act.

To cap his distinguished career, Dulles covered up the truth of JFK's assassination while serving on the Warren Commission. Dulles falsified documents, harangued witnesses, misled investigators, and use "Mockingbird" assets to print lies about the evidence in the press. In other words, he did everything he could to steer the investigation away from the real culprits--the military-industrial-intelligence complex, which he had served well for a lifetime.

Cardinal Dulles lived to be 90, but I don't think even 90 years of prayer and restitution is enough to absolve uncle Allen of his sins. I wonder what covert ops Allen is running in hell?

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Jack Jodell said...

Yes, Allen and brother John Foster were BOTH despicable men. If truth be known, they may have very well been inspirational influences on today's now-discredited bunch of neocon scoundrels like Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bush, Wolfowitz, Yoo, and all their deviant supporters!