Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Last Nazi Fugitive From Justice Dies; CIA Still Not Held Accountable For Protecting Him And His Cronies

Operation Paperclip was the innocuous-sounding name given to the CIA operation which allowed Nazi rats to infiltrate America after World War II. Well, the last rat, Oscar Holderer, died yesterday, and now it’s time to expose the true history of the disgraceful operation.

The below article, publicizing the death of the last Nazi rocket scientist smuggled into the USA by the CIA, appeared on a site called, an Alabama news site. Typical of the shoddy, misleading “journalism” practiced in the Deep South, the writer, some lazy, misinformed idiot named Lee Roop, nowhere in the article mentions the word “Nazi.” Yet that’s exactly who Holderer was—a murderous, Hitler-loving, America-hating Nazi. He brought not only his rocket technology to America, but also his fascist ideology. When he was smuggled into this country by the CIA, the Agency put him and his Nazi cronies in the perfect place—Alabama, where bigotry, hatred, narrow-mindedness and superior-race supremacy ruled. They must have felt right at home in the land where blacks (like European Jews) were subjugated to vicious, tyrannical attacks by white men. It galls me that these fascists were not hanged at Nuremberg for their war crimes. Instead they lived upper-middle-class lives and were accorded the deference of protected scientists and privileged whites in the segregated South. Now that the last one of these barbarous, ruthless bastards has died, it is time for the full truth to be known. The CIA must declassify the files of Operation Paperclip so that the American people can see the full extent of their atrocities, not only in Germany, but here in America where they were aided and abetted by Allen Dulles and the CIA.

There were thousands of Nazis given safe passage to America under the cover of Operation Paperclip. During the war they worked for Wernher von Braun, who became the most famous rocket scientist in America. In Germany the Nazi rocket scientists worked either at the Peenemunde research and launching site on the Baltic Sea, or they oversaw the production of their rockets at Mittelwerk factories. Mittelwerk used slave laborers provided by the Dora concentration camp. Thousands of these laborers were worked to death, starved to death, or beaten to death by Paperclip Nazis. Even von Braun knew about it; he made several trips to Mittelwerk to oversee production of the rockets he designed.

One of von Braun’s collaborators, General Walter Dornberger, got a cozy job with Bell Aeronautics and Helicopter of Dallas/Fort Worth after the war. There he rose to the position of Vice-President where he worked alongside Michael Paine (descended from the Forbes and the Cabots of the Eastern aristocracy). You may not know that Michael Paine was married to Ruth Paine, landlady of Lee Harvey Oswald and family. Ruth Paine has deep CIA roots, and she helped implicate Oswald with her eyewitness account to the Dallas Police and her Warren Commission testimony. If you think this is one giant coincidence, think again. Ruth and Michael Paine had very personal ties to Allen Dulles, ex-CIA head fired by Kennedy after the CIA’s Bay of Pigs fiasco. Dulles was appointed to the Warren Commission, aka Operation Whitewash, by Lyndon Johnson. How much Dornberger knew of the plot to kill JFK is unknown, but there are those who suspect he is the source of the first call to Dallas Police falsely implicating Oswald as the assassin.

Here is the Alabama on-line article. Notice how it sanitizes and soft-sells Holderer.

“Oscar Holderer dies, last of Wernher von Braun's original 'Operation Paperclip' moon
rocket team”

“Oscar Carl Holderer, the last member of Dr. Wernher von Braun's original "Operation Paperclip" team that built the Saturn V moon rocket, died Tuesday in Huntsville, Ala. He was 95.
“Born in Preum, Germany, on Nov. 4, 1919, Holderer was an engineer who worked with von Braun on rockets in Germany before coming to the United States. He arrived in 1945 in the second group of German scientists and technicians brought to America after the war in the Army program called "Operation Paperclip." He was "proud" of becoming an American citizen in 1955, his obituary notes.
“Holderer would say that he was not one of Huntsville's famous rocket scientists, but he was one of the best engineers in a city famous for engineering accomplishments. The wind tunnel used by NASA to test the Saturn V – and still used today - was Holderer's design. He held 19 patents at the time of his death.
“Holderer made other significant contributions to Alabama after retiring from NASA including designing the multi-access trainer, low-gravity trainer and other equipment used by more than 600,000 campers at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center's Space Camp.
“When it was decided to place a Saturn 1B rocket at the Alabama welcome center on I-65 at the Tennessee state line, Holderer was the engineer who guided the installation.
“Holderer was unlike his famous colleagues, who moved to homes near each other on top of or near Huntsville Monte Sano mountain. He designed and built the home he lived in for 61 years in northwest Huntsville near the Huntsville country club. Visitors were sometimes offered tours of his large, spotless and meticulously arranged home machine shop.”

For those who argue that if we did not use these scientists the Russians would have, let me propose a more moral, sane, and appropriate disposition. These Nazis should have been tried at Nuremberg as war criminals. They should have been executed for their crimes against humanity; instead they were given new lives, jobs and homes in America by the CIA. Along with their rocket knowledge came their toxic, filthy ideologies...right at home in Alabama.

We lost our moral superiority when we permitted these Nazi vermin to emigrate to America. It leaves one asking, “Why did we fight the war in the first place?”


musictravel said...

Excellent account! For the full story, one should read your book, “Death of an American Nazi.”

mark mccarter said...

I'll obviously not change your rabid opinion on von Braun and the rocket team. But a couple of points:
One, you insult Lee Roop as lazy and misinformed. Your basis for that? You should know he's been writing about NASA for decades, has vast contacts within that community and has interviewed myriad people this week when it comes to Holderer.
I am a co-worker of his, and you should also know our newspaper has consistently reported and dealt with the delicate situation of the scientists and their history. Maybe you were too lazy to check out our body of work.
For a couple of points of fact:
The CIA wasn't created by President Truman until 1947.
The German scientists were not smuggled into Alabama. They were sent to Fort Bliss, Texas, then moved five years later to Huntsville, where race relations were nowhere as fragile as Birmingham. (Or, say, as Baltimore, St. Louis, the Bronx, LA....)
Anyway, though you might want to know the full truth.

Tim Fleming said...

Technically you're correct. It was the OSS which ran Operation Paperclip, but perhaps you are unaware that the OSS was the forerunner of the CIA. Same entity, different acronym. Either way, it was an Allen Dulles operation. It seems you are not as disturbed by U.S. intelligence operations which find safe haven for our avowed enemies--and not just any enemies, but mass-murdering, psychopathic fascists. If you and Lee are the diligent reporters you claim to be, you should do more research into what the Nazi V-2 rocket scientists were up to during WWII. They built those rockets using slave laborers from concentration camps. The laborers were beaten, starved and worked to death...literally. This is the very definition of war crimes; the V-2 Nazis should have been tried as war criminals. That's the full truth, whether you want to admit it or not. America's intelligence agencies pulled off some very dirty and ugly deeds after WWII; this was one of them. Until you research these atrocities, you have no basis for lecturing me on the truth. As far as Huntsville vs. Birmingham, I find it hard to believe that any city in Alabama was a paradise of desegregation in the 1940s and 1950s. And when Nazis are spirited into our country without our knowledge or permission, I call it smuggling. You may call it by another name, but then again you seem to be fine with Hitler acolytes and war criminals living and working among us. I am not. Finally, it bothers me that Lee (and other "sensitive" reporters) go to great lengths to avoid calling Holderer, von Braun, Dornberger, etc., what they really were--Nazis. You tiptoe around it, and call them Germans. Why? One indisputable fact is that they were Nazis, and they did not leave their Aryan, racist ideologies behind when they left the Fatherland.