Wednesday, March 4, 2015

NRA Suggests Assassination of Obama; Promotes Hate and Violence On Its Website

It is important to monitor the right-wing crazies in this country who want to foment sedition, incite treachery, and return America to the Wild West. At the forefront of the fringe movement is the National Rifle Association. I perused one of its websites today, and there is enough hate, treason, and threats of violence to scare the life out of anyone with sense.

To be precise, it was the NRA-ILA (Institute for Legislative Action), the NRA’s legislative lobbying arm, which got my attention. The lead article is headlined, “Obama’s Power Grab To Ban Ammo In Full Swing. Only You Can Stop Him!” What it’s really trying to say to its members is, “Hey, White People, The Black Man Is Trying To Take Away Your Weapons And The Only Way To Stop Him Is To Shoot Him.” Next to the headline is a picture of a rifle bullet aimed directly at the President.

Scroll down the page and the level of crazy gets ramped up. For instance, there’s this, “Wisconsin: Scott Walker signals support for eliminating 48-hour waiting period for handgun purchases.” What can be more nutty and dangerous than eliminating the two-day wait for a handgun? Walker, an anti-union, anti-teacher, racist, homophobe (i.e., typical Republican) wants to allow a drunken Bubba, mad at Gomer for stealing his cousin away, to walk into a gun store, buy a weapon immediately and shoot Gomer on the spot. The current law allows Bubba to sober up and maybe rethink his options. Walker apparently thinks we are restricting Bubba’s right to blast Gomer to kingdom come. LET FREEDOM RING. Red-state Americans, fearful of everything and everyone that is smarter, more progressive, more compassionate and more sophisticated than they, don’t want anyone to get in the way of the only thing they have to compensate for their inferiorities: the gun. Many live in small towns in the Heartland where their neighbors have been all-white for centuries. They’ve never met an African-American; imagine how appalled they are that one is in the White House.

Another headline reads, “Iowa Lawmakers Want Right-To-Carry Privacy. Two state lawmakers are working behind the scenes at the Iowa Capitol in a bid to block the public from obtaining the names of people who hold permits to carry weapons and purchase handguns.” God forbid if the rest of us should know whom we have to fear. I thought concealed-carry gun owners were proud of their whackiness; I thought they wanted to instill fear in the rest of us. Turns out they’re just cowards, afraid to crawl out from under their rocks into the light of day.

Perhaps the most frightening headline is this: “Arkansas Bill To Allow Guns At Bars, Polling Places, And Capitol.” Makes perfect sense. Now Bubba doesn’t have to even bother with walking down the street to the local gun shop to buy his weapon. He can just bring it with him to the bar, get drunk, and kill Gomer without even leaving his stool. He can also intimidate blacks into staying away from polling places, so that America will never be stuck with an negro president again. Best of all, he can blast away at any legislator who dares to vote for reasonable gun control measures. Because there’s nothing more important than Bubba’s freedom to compensate for his lack of education, intelligence, and tolerance by threatening others, committing treason, and violating the freedom of others to live in a safe, compassionate, reasonable country.

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Anonymous said...

As long as Gomer & Bubba go to church every Sunday and pray for world peace, it's ok.