Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Prescott Bush And Partners Profited From Nazi Germany's Rise

In my book "The President's Mortician" I refer to a cabal of rich, powerful men as the Secret American Empire for good reason. It is my contention that this cabal has controlled events from behind the scenes to enrich themselves at the expense of the stability of American democracy. It began before and during World War II. Prescott Bush (grandfather of George W. Bush), Allen Dulles, John J. McCloy, and Averill Harriman were partners with Nazi backers in profiting from Hitler's rise to power.

The U.S. firms were Brown Brothers Harriman and the Union Banking Corporation of New York. They funneled money through their Nazi contact in Germany, Fritz Thyssen.
Thyssen's corporate empire included Silesian Steel and Coal, which got rich by financing Hitler's war machine. Silesian made use of slave labor from Nazi concentration camps, including Auschwitz. The Bush/Thyssen partnership also owned I.G. Farben which produced the deadly Zyklon B gas used to kill millions in the death camps. The owners and directors of Farben could have been, and should have been, tried and hanged for war crimes. According to the British publication The Guardian, "...[their] business dealings, which continued until [the] company's assets were seized in 1942 under the Trading With The Enemy Act, have led more than 60 years later to a civil action for damages being brought in Germany against the Bush family by two former slave labourers at Auschwitz."

OSS operative Allen Dulles, later CIA Director, was a known Nazi collaborator. He regularly communicated with Nazi hierarchy in the 1930s, and he signed his letters "Heil Hitler." After the war Dulles hired hundreds of Nazi war criminals to work for the U.S. in intelligence, aerospace engineering, military weapons manufacturing, and medical research. Two of the most prominent Nazis he hired were Wernher von Braun and Walter Dornberger who were responsible for building and firing the deadly V-2 rockets. They worked thousands of slave laborers to death at Mittelwerk factories in the construction of the V-2, and they should have been prosecuted after the war. Dulles saw to it that they were given safe haven.

McCloy protected the Secret American Empire's profits by intervening to block President Roosevelt's orders to bomb strategic Nazi installations during the war. According to the Guardian, "...the American Air Force could have destroyed the camps with air raids, as well as the railroad bridges and railway lines from Hungary to Auschwitz [but] a January 1944 executive order signed by Roosevelt was ignored because of pressure brought by Brown Brothers Harriman." BBH's lawyer was John J. McCloy, and its board members included Prescott Bush and Allen Dulles.

BBH was so powerful that it was able to hide the true nature of its Nazi ties for decades. As Director of the CIA, Allen Dulles developed close alliances with American media moguls like Henry Luce, William Paley, and A. H. Sulzberger. The CIA's atrocities went uninvestigated, and they continued unabated during the Cold War.

Fast forward to 1963. President Kennedy, secretly at war with the CIA and publicly critical of secret societies, is shot to death in Dallas. His successor, LBJ, perhaps the most vile and corrupt President in our history, appoints Allen Dulles and John J. McCloy to the commission charged with investigating Kennedy's death. Not surprisingly, Dulles and McCloy decide that it is the work of lone nut; there is no conspiracy and no political significance is attached to the deed.

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Jason Murphy said...

Good day, upon reading your blog, I can see that there should be more investigations to expose these conspiracies. Thanks for making this blog and publicly known.

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Tim Fleming said...

Thanks for your comment, Jason.