Sunday, September 29, 2013

The President's Mortician Is Available For Pre-Order On Amazon

Here is the link if you want to pre-order my latest novel: Release date is Oct. 26, 2013

Release date is Oct. 26, 2013. In the meantime, here are a synopsis and an advance review:

Story Synopsis:
Largely unknown to history, John Liggett was one of the most macabre and gruesome figures of the 20th century. A skilled undertaker and body reconstructionist, he was also a contract killer with furtive intelligence connections. Liggett's actions on November 22, 1963, speak to the sinister role he may have played in helping plotters cover up the true nature of President John F. Kennedy's murder. But Liggett's secret work is not done.

One summer night young Conrad Con Reese, Jr., while peeping in his neighbor's window, witnesses the horrifying murder of Nancy Weirshellen. Nancy's husband, Ed, is wrongly convicted of the murder, and, though Con knows Ed is not the murderer, ashamed of his actions on that night, he does not come forward to tell his story to authorities.

As he grows older, Con feels deep remorse for allowing an innocent man to be convicted of murder, and he retains a clear image of the real murderer in his memory. With the help of a journalist friend, Durrell Abbie Monroe, Con learns that Liggett has suspicious connections to the JFK assassination and was also Nancy Weirshellen's murderer. Ed escapes custody, aided by Con and Abbie. The friends reveal the identity of Nancy's murderer to Ed, thus sending him on a deadly search for Liggett.

Interwoven with riveting facts and enthralling historical fiction, The President's Mortician reveals the true nature of the plot to kill our nation s 35th president, and how that deed was covered up in the most diabolical and clever way imaginable.

Advance Review:
A Historical Novel Of The JFK Assassination
Once again Tim Fleming takes little known facts about U.S. history as it surrounds the CIA and walks us through a tale that should give you many a sleepless night. Never again will you be sure that we know all there is to know about the assassination of JFK. The President's Mortician is a wild ride through a raging stream of facts that Fleming turns into a tale of high intrigue. This is one story you won't be able to put down.
 --Clayton Clifford Bye, multiple award winning author and publisher 

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