Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sleazebag Akin Now Selling His Vote For PAC Money

When deciphering the true meaning of politicians' public pronouncements, one must read between the lines. What GOP Troglodyte Todd Akin meant when he said that "Women who are legitimately raped can't have abortions," is women who get raped are asking for it...they deserve what they get...and they are nothing but whores. Well, who's the whore now? Turns out, Akin has done a 180 reversal on earmarks so that he can fill his pockets with conservative PAC money. That's the deal he struck with Jim DeMint. Akin has always been against earmarks, but Toddy suddenly changed his tune when a PAC john came to him waving dollar bills. Toddy spread his legs and told DeMint, "Give it to me hard." Now Akin has no problems with earmarks; thus proving that he is not only stupid, antiquated, and narrow-minded...he is also corrupt. AND HE IS NECK-AND-NECK with Democrat Claire McCaskill in their Missouri Senate race. What is wrong with Missourians? How can they vote for this jerk? He wants to abolish Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, public schools, student loans, and access to contraceptives. He believes all children should be home schooled. He believes the earth is flat, and the Civil Rights Act is unconstitutional. He thinks Jesus was a free marketer who walked with dinosaurs and carried AK-47s, barrels loaded. I guess Missourians are too busy fornicating with farm animals and blowing up meth labs to pay attention.

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