Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Short Story Will Be Published In New Anthology

Publisher, editor and writer C.C. Bye came to me with an offer I could not resist. He told me, "I want to publish a book that's off-beat, wild, maybe a little dangerous. Give me a short story that fits this description." So I did. "The Barefoot Hero" is my take on what Vietnam did to my generation, the lost generation of the '60s, if you will. The publishers loved it, and have readied it and the other stories for a November release. The front and back cover design is posted here.

"Writers On The Wrong Side Of The Road" will feature edgy, unconventional offerings of sci-fi, erotica, historical fiction, and more. More details to follow


Jack Jodell said...

TIM! Good to see you're back - I HOPE you're back, anway! It's been an ungodly long time. Hope things are well with you. I've moved over to Hope to hear from you at that occasion, my friend.

Jack Jodell said...

Congratulations on an absolutely stunning 2011 World Series championship! In case you've forgotten, I'm now at

Tim Fleming said...

Jack--thanks for well wishes. Whatever miracles were in my pocket are gone. The Cardinals WS win used them all up.

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