Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tune In To My Web TV interview on WNBWest's "The Authors Show"

I'll be appearing on "The Authors Show," a Web TV broadcast hosted by Linda Thompson. Each week an author's work is featured, and the author is interviewed. (The show was actually taped at WNBWest studios in Phoenix in February, but is just now airing for the first time.) The show will be available for viewing the entire week of April 5-11. You can access the show anytime next week at Just click on "The Authors Show." Thanks for watching...and please tell a friend.


Jack Jodell said...

Nice job, Tim! You presented yourself and your book very well. I liked Linda's parting comment too, "this may not be as much fiction as you think."

Tim Fleming said...


Linda is a sweet lady and real professional. She sent me a nice note after she'd read my book, and posted a glowing review on amazon.